To appreciate people is something we don’t do as often as it is required. So for me today I want to show my appreciation to all those in my life who have consistently been a light in my dark times and a smile in my sad times.

This is  tirled “Your Smile” by Julie Herbert

Your smile lights my way through life,

And keeps me warm inside.

It reminds me that people are good,

Especially when their snide.

Your smile helps me though each day,

Knowing I’ll soon see if again.

It even makes me want to smile,

Even when I’m in pain.

Your smile can take my moods away,

And help me to see it another way.

It reminds me not too take things so hard,

And so seriously every day.

Your smile I am so very thankful,

And of course for you as well.

You always know just what to say,

And never let me dwell.

So thank you so much for all your smiles,

And for loving me each day.

Life can be very tough but thankfully,

I’ve got you to help shine my way.

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