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The Joy of Tomorrow.

The page says “share your story here”, so this is my story…..

I was born on the day world war 1 began, I came out of the womb to the smell of gunpowder and smoke, to the shout of soldiers and the cry of the dying. I was thrown into a place that was supposed to be better, but was at that moment at its worst or so I thought.

I grew up with men without limbs as evidence of our greed and hatred for each other. I saw men blind from shrapnel but can still see the human heart perfectly.

I did not see war, I lived war. I have seen many wars including 2 global (world) wars. I have seen men choose hatred,fear, paranoia and selfishness over the inherent good that is in all of us.

But though my life was birthed in war and forged in conflict I have never lost hope ,” that the good in each of us will always triumph over the bad”.

And that’s what has kept me going all these years, the hope of a GOOD TOMORROW.

It makes me go through life’s challenges with courage and plough through my obstacles with strength. It encourages me to look forward and not backwards, to hold on to the future and not yesterday.

The belief that each of us has an infinite capacity for good keeps me on the road of hope and on this pilgrims journey.

It makes me not be surprised by the warmongering in our nations and our families but to look out for that sliver of hope in the midst of the chaos.

Like the picture of the 5yr old boy shielding his sister from gunfire in Iraq or the picture of the stunned boy rescued from a bomb attack in Syria. Glimmers of the humanity we desperately seek to diminish today.

And so I call on fellow men and women who are tired of “the fallen nature of man” to give a hand in this new revival, to breathe new life and resurrect our fallen nature, to once again make us look forward to “the joy of tomorrow”.

This is a mixture of fiction and reality tailored to give us hope and banish despair.


What I have learnt.

Today is my reminiscing day ,so I am reposting something from my archives. I hope it does you right.


As my life continues to unfold before me, these are lessons I have learnt and keep learning. The knowledge journey for me does not end and so should yours.

Peace is not the absence of war or strife. It is the stillness of the heart in tumultuous times.
Courage is not the absence of fear it is the overriding desire not to conform to the expectations of your weaknesses.
Strength is not the size of your muscle mass. Its your ability to show your real self without masking your deficiencies.
Wisdom is no longer the result of gray . But the result of learning from experiences and making “flash cards” of the lessons so others can learn too.
Obedience is neither servitude nor acting without questioning. It is rather acting based on a conviction that you are free and so have a right to explanations when you are conflicted.
Parenting is not having children. Its being responsible enough to have children and raise them accordingly, to be your lasting legacy for good.
Marriage is not a ceremony. Its a “work in progress” that lasts a lifetime.
An adolescent is not a rebel. Rather he/she is a person constantly shouting ” I want to find me, please help”.
Success is not an event. It is everyday that you find out you have moved beyond where you were the day before.
Failure is inevitable. Except you want to return to your maker like an unwrapped gift box, you must fail so you can succeed.
The feminine gender does not mean weakness. It means a partaker in creation and a reservoir of strength beyond compare.
Tears do not come from the eyes. They come from the heart when they are genuine.
Life is short. But our ideas and actions are immortal.
Whether because of the “big bang” or creation, we are here to change this world for the better. So why not start with you.

Running for God

If I were God,

I will put an end to all wars and end all sicknesses.

If I were God,

No mother will mourn a child and nobody will live beyond 70. 🙂

If I were God,

I will “uncreate” the devil and show my power always.

If I were God,

My judgement will be swift and my punishment severe.

If I were God,

Humanity will be one race knowing man’s penchant for segregation.

If I were God,

I will make Men able to carry pregancies, so they will alternate motherhood with women.

If I were God,

I will ensure that all men fear me and always stand in awe of me.

If I were God,

Success will be based on input and life will be fair.

If I were God,

Nobody will be able to take his/her life cos all life will be subject to me.

If I were God,

I will neither inhabit temples, mosques or churches rather I will have a palace where all will pay me homage.

If I were God,

There won’t be sadness in the land forever and joy shall reign supreme.

If I were God,

Once you lie, your pants will be consumed by fire. 🙂


But am not God thats why He is doing a better job than me.

Don’t envy another man’s position, in his capacity you may be incapacitated.

Blood Rain

One more drop,

And the continents will be more saturated than they were yesterday.

One more drop,

That creates ripples that are ever expanding and affecting each of us individually.

One more drop,

From children not born and mothers without children.

One more drop,

Because of soldiers whose job it is to kill and guns that must shoot something.

One more drop,

Because of power hungry politicians and religious fanatics that proclaim war.

One more drop,

Because of angry teenagers looking for acceptance and policemen overzealous in their jobs.

One more drop,

From bombs exploding by the roadside and missiles hunting civillian planes.

One more drop ,

From migrants swallowed by the sea and selfish national policies that don’t protect the weak.

One more drop,

From lost daughters in Nigeria and citizens beheaded by terrorists.

One more drop,

From hostages used to proclaim the macabre and from nations that won’t take it lying down.

One more drop, 

Just another drop in the blood rain that has enveloped our world.

Choose peace over war and dialogue over quarrel

Terrible Beauty

The sight before him was truly amazing. In all his years of travelling the world and visiting the ends of the earth; he has never been met by such a sight. He was transfixed to the spot held spellbound by what he beheld on his path. He thanked the gods, if they existed ,for the chance to come in contact with such an awesome and remarkable beauty.(the beauty was debatable)

The scene before him exuded strength and yet was surrounded by weakness and sorrow. In this one scene he saw the effects of war, the good the bad and the ugly. He saw the ravages of war on the populace but also saw the beauty of adaptation and survival as people thrived in this environment. Here survival was a reflex conditioned by influences beyond control.

He so wished he could capture the imagery as it was. He had a digital camera but instinctively he knew it will not do justice to the scene. And so he sat down and willed the image to be imprinted in his mind. So that everytime he saw the image, his mind will come alive with the nuances of the characters in the scenery.

Years later he will commission a painting to try and capture the essence of what he saw that day.

On this day the twentieth anniversary of that fateful sighting, the author once again narrated what he saw and what he felt twenty years ago.

On that day two decades ago, he saw strength coexisting with weakness, sorrow living with joy. He saw the strong being supported by the weak and the rich being fed by the poor. He saw children made parents and parents made childless. The paradox of that day was all encompassing as it was engaging. Even today he still could not forget the look in the eyes he saw. The eyes that held him spellbound and kept bringing him back to that little known place at the end of the world.

As the author ended his reminiscing, there was no dry eye in the room and everybody hugged themselves tighter because it seemed like a cold draft just blew across the room.

Dedicated to war survivors especially child soldiers scattered across Africa and the world. May your ordeals teach us to care.