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Living in the end

An end is a necessity to a beginning

The end is an absolute for every life
For the unwise the knowledge creates fright.

For the sage, it mandates circumspection.

If I know tomorrow will be “the end”…..

Will I do anything different?

Will I sit and think of things I could have done better?

Or would I go on like, I have always been ready?

The end here is a beginning somewhere.

So it’s the preparation for a journey.

It’s an act of standing at the edge and looking back….

You mourn your mistakes and celebrate your right deeds.

You appreciate love, lost and gained.

The end is not surprised, but we always act as if it is.

If we learn not from the constancy of an end, then we gain not from knowing there is an end.

The end, known from the beginning….

Should make us leave better.

Our lives today should constantly outshine yesterday’s.

In the end we all come to an end.

It shouldn’t scare you but should make you stronger.

Poverty of living…..

I once knew a man
Whose story will break your heart.

He was born at midday
He died at midnight 56years later.

He lived wealthy and connected
But he died having no friends and was buried alone.

His life was focused on pursuit
Not of happiness but of wealth.

Not of relationships
But of avenues to riches.

So he made his first million at 23
And a billion 10years later.

But the drive never waned
Neither did the desire for more lessen.

So he chose money over Human beings
And investments over family.

Was he happy?
I can never say, a part of him must have been.

Was he lonely?
Definitely, he was.

And so he missed living
Because he was chasing the things he thought were valuable.

He missed the beauty of the rising sun
The beautiful landscapes that flew by his car window.

He was still wealthy in money at death
But was strikingly poor in friends

He had money, more than enough.
But he couldn’t buy love and affection.

He couldn’t buy a genuine “how are you?”
By the time he understood what he lost,he had reached his end.

His last words were brief and deep.
“In my next life , if there is such, I will choose friends over money, love over wealth, family over investments for wealth without these is nothing but poverty covered with expensive clothes”.


Introducing Death

I am death, a child of circumstance.

I am the most feared

I am the most maligned

Yet I am the victory of the righteous.

I am death, not the black hooded scary guy.

I am not the one with the long sickle.

I am not the one that comes only at night and wears a skull as a face.

I am death the beautiful, not the grim reaper

I am death, the gate to eternity

I am death the end of all physical suffering

I am death the end of all ephemeral joy

I am death the beginning of all things new

I am death, the most avoided

I am death ,the giver of peace

I am death, the wish of your enemies for you

I am death, the repercussion of the wicked.

I am death, the sacred exit

I am death, brought forth by the actions of man

I am death, as I am called by man

I am death as a door to the great beyond.

I am death, the liberator of emotions

I am death, the bane of the young and old

I am death the punishment of man

I am death the liberator of man’s spirit

I am death, a connoisseur of beauty

I am death the agent of renewal

I am death not as you fear but as I am

I am death the inevitable end to a mortal life

I am death the misjudged

I am death the uninvited at all gatherings

I am death, your creation

I am death, and you must come to terms with me.