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Addiction to “noise”

From where I am writing, today is a Sunday (a holy day for Christians) and a hallmark of the day will be going to church for service. The service will encourage people to reflect and introspect on their lives and see how to improve and be better.

But in today’s world listening to oneself has become almost frightening. From Twitter to Facebook , from Snapchat to Instagram , from WhatsApp to Viber we try as much as possible to keep our minds engaged in everything but ourselves. If internet goes down for a minute in your vicinity it will be apocalyptic, if you can’t check your mails for a day, then the world must have ended, if there are no Facebook updates in 5mins then something must be wrong. 

We spend a lot of time connected to virtual reality but disconnected from the reality of our lives.it’s almost like we crave the “noise” so that we may be distracted from the need for reflection and introspection.

If the networks are down we get fixated on the television or the radio or games. When do we stop and listen to ourselves think plan and analyse. 

When was the last time you just sat down and saw the sunset or the sunrise and really marvel at its elegance, when was it you last took a drive just to see the countryside or you just sat with your child to play and tell stories. When last did you have a face to face conversation with your friends that didn’t involve Skype or messenger.

The internet( and technology) has made social interaction simple and extremely easy but it shouldn’t take away from us human and humane interaction, it shouldn’t take the place of self interaction and by all things good it shouldn’t  be a distraction from hearing yourself think.

So take a challenge and shut down all social media and all media for an hour and see if you still recognize the voice of your lonely self.


A little Reflection

What makes us do the things we do?

What makes us decide to be who we are or are not?

Passion for something, or greed for another?

The feeling that you are disadvantaged or that its your turn to reap the harvest?

I have seen men possessed by wealth but died without wealth

I have seen men possessed by goals but left the stage without the things that mattered

I have seen people who think they are wise die foolishly.

I have seen the  “righteous” forsaken and the “sinner” who found solace.

I have seen the passionate lose sight of what is right.

In the pursuit of visions and dreams it is always easy to see everything contrary as wrong or evil.

It is too easy to see everybody that doesn’t agree as bad.

So what drives you?

And when that drive comes ,are you objective enough?

If  today is your last , what will you do differently?

If you have left this world ,what will your epitaph read?

Yesterday Seen from today

She was hated for love

She was challenged for being correct

She was hounded for baring her thoughts

He was celebrated for his failures

He was scorned for his successes

He became the ” face” of the loving father though he was not

He was made employee of the month even though he cut corners

They lied and the world applauded

What was  true is not anymore

What was value has lost its “valueness”

Where we were is no longer where we are

We  are lost but we rejoice thinking we have arrived at our destination

Quo Vadis…….


Silence: The absence of sound.

The sound that follows death.

The goal of the priest.

The prerequisite to hear God.

Silence: The gentle greeting of the breeze.

The impossible situation at the market place.

The inevitability of the human Spirit.

The punishment of the child.

Silence: The unyielding hold of the graveyard.

The sound that screams loudest on the inside.

The place of reflection and renewal

The place where all strength is weakness

Silence: The antidote to foolish talk.

The power that engages the wheels of the intellect.

The oil that lubricates the gears of the mind.

The place where all things are nought.

Silence: The place of creativity.

The place of no limitations.

The birth place of genius.

The place of self discovery.

Silence: The paradox of modern day living.