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Word Salad

I could make this poetic and interesting.But I don’t want to.As rambling and uncoordinated as it is, it will sure give you a picture of the mind that is not at peace.

Do I need to do bad to achieve good?

Do I need to create darkness to make light?

If I believe in God and his awesome power, am I convinced that He cannot do Good all by himself? So much so that He needs to do good thru the avenue of evil.

If I believe in God’s time being the best, does it make sense that I would seek to run faster than him? That I would follow short cuts to a place that he may or may not have said I will eventually get to?

If I believe His plans for me are better than any I can ever have for myself, then why am I planning to take a path other than his?

It is all rambling and mumbling. But at the end of the road we need to know what is morality? What is principle? What does it mean to take a stand? 

I am convinced that to stand with God is not to guarantee success and victory in the battles of this world. That is why Job will say “though he slay me yet will I trust him” or the three Jews thrown in  to the burning furnace will say “Our God will save us, but even if He does not, we will not worship your image”.

I might be too strict with myself, but I know for a fact that God doesn’t need to create bad before he can create good. He can do good all by himself.

So this is where I make my stand today; ” even if I don’t get that good I yearn for, I will not do wrong or take a short cut to get it”.

Crazy….?  God help me.



To my Muse

Inspiration comes in different forms and with different faces. Today I celebrate my own inspiration with this poem by Rachel.

Your strength inspires me.

Your existence gives me hope.

Your kindness makes me smile.

You’ve opened my eyes, my heart,

To realize the beauty in life

Despite all the horrible things in it.

Your inner beauty shines through

Your smile, and your laugh.

The way you brighten my day

Puts the sun to shame.

You walked into my life,

And I, I am keeping you there,

Because you are my inspiration.

You’ve inspired me to try my best,

Find my strength,

And live happily,

Because life’s too short to worry about the bad things,

When the good things are right in front of you.

I couldn’t imagine not having you by my side,

You are my friend, my hero,

And I need your strength and kindness here with me.