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The Joy of Tomorrow.

The page says “share your story here”, so this is my story…..

I was born on the day world war 1 began, I came out of the womb to the smell of gunpowder and smoke, to the shout of soldiers and the cry of the dying. I was thrown into a place that was supposed to be better, but was at that moment at its worst or so I thought.

I grew up with men without limbs as evidence of our greed and hatred for each other. I saw men blind from shrapnel but can still see the human heart perfectly.

I did not see war, I lived war. I have seen many wars including 2 global (world) wars. I have seen men choose hatred,fear, paranoia and selfishness over the inherent good that is in all of us.

But though my life was birthed in war and forged in conflict I have never lost hope ,” that the good in each of us will always triumph over the bad”.

And that’s what has kept me going all these years, the hope of a GOOD TOMORROW.

It makes me go through life’s challenges with courage and plough through my obstacles with strength. It encourages me to look forward and not backwards, to hold on to the future and not yesterday.

The belief that each of us has an infinite capacity for good keeps me on the road of hope and on this pilgrims journey.

It makes me not be surprised by the warmongering in our nations and our families but to look out for that sliver of hope in the midst of the chaos.

Like the picture of the 5yr old boy shielding his sister from gunfire in Iraq or the picture of the stunned boy rescued from a bomb attack in Syria. Glimmers of the humanity we desperately seek to diminish today.

And so I call on fellow men and women who are tired of “the fallen nature of man” to give a hand in this new revival, to breathe new life and resurrect our fallen nature, to once again make us look forward to “the joy of tomorrow”.

This is a mixture of fiction and reality tailored to give us hope and banish despair.


Daily Living

Yesterday I hoped for today,

When today came I remembered the things I could have done

 and so I missed yesterday.

 But now I  long for tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes,

Today will be yesterday and tomorrow will be today.

And I will still be waiting for the day after tomorrow.

That’s why I live one day at a time.

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One minute past 7

One minute after i should have said I care

One minute after I should have held your hand

One minute after I should have given up everything for you

One minute after my bliss would have begun.

Sixty seconds after I said the wrong things

Sixty seconds after my dreams crashed and burned

Sixty seconds after I knew I was walking alone

Sixty seconds after I woke up to my reality

One minute before chaos swallos me.

One minute more to enjoy memories of before

One minute more to imagine what never was

One minute more to celebrate the dream that was never birthed

Sixty seconds after I began a new day

Sixty seconds after I decided never to look back in pain

Sixty seconds after I set my hands to the plough

Sixty seconds after I chose tomorrow to forget yesterday.

Exactly one minute after I breathed fresh air and cried to the world heralding my arrival.