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My white wall

At birth it was filled with smiling faces
In adolescence there were more questions than answers.
More frowning faces than smiles.
More thinking faces than giggles.


In my late teens I stopped drawing and began to write.
I wrote my sadness in black,
And my joys in blue.
I wrote my indecisions in red, and my plans in green.

A decade later my wall was more black than blue.
And I had to wonder, has it been this bad?
I have missed life cos’ I was seeing only black .
Even though I had blue, I never saw them.

So now I am starting a new.
I am painting everything over.
I want to start again late as it may seem.
So my wall will reflect the truth I have come to know .

That happiness is a choice.


(Sorry for not posting for sometime, I had to take a needed break)

Daily prescription; A psychiatrists view

For a sparkling personality and an ever beautiful day;
A teaspoon of pride,
A tablespoon of ego,
A pinch of narcissism,
A sprinkling of grandiose delusion.
Totally avoid servings of guilt and regret.
Don’t approach anhedonia and nihilism.
Stay away from the bottle labelled sadness and low mood.
Rather have about 5mls of mania and 2mls of eccentricity.
Avoid paranoia and antisocial prescriptions .
Have a healthy dose of optimism and motivation.
Don’t forget encouragement, a bottle a day will do.
You can also add a gallon of hope taken over the course of the day.
Carry tablets of healthy interaction and use as required.
And above all soak in a bathtub of love before leeaving the house and share that love with others.

***You are allowed an unlimited number of refills for this prescription.
Please consult your doctor before adjusting this prescription.

Different strokes…..

Yesterday the Pope was in the capitol and Catholics (Christians) were happy. He talked about the threat to the family and about immigrant among so many other things.

Yesterday more than 700 people died in Mecca. They were just devout muslums doing their best to fulfil the injunctions of the Holy Prophet. They died in a stampede and many more were injured.

Yesterday there was a bomb explosion in the Yemeni capital , dozens were killed

A few days ago the coup plotters in BurkinaFaso “surrendered” saying it was a mistake to have gone down that path.

Everyday in the world there is a ray of sunshine and a cloud of darkness. There is cause for joy as well as sadness.

Dreams are built and dreams are crushed, people are born and people die.

Whats the lesson from this?

Try and live a fufilled life everyday, don’t retire to bed angry or with some unresolved conflict in your mind. Be happy as much as you can even if it takes all your wit to achieve it. Be respectful to those you meet in the course of your daily activity. Bear no ill will.

When offended don’t let it simmer and boil your soul rather let it out. Talk tobthe offender and let it out of your system.

Be deliberate in choosing to live a fulfilled life each day. You can not be successful by accident.


I saw happiness in a woman who delivered her first child at 42. She had 15years of marriage and tons of abuse and insults behind her.

I heard Joy in the voice of a teenage boy. He has just won a full scholarship from the state. He was an orphan.

I touched sadness in the shoulder of a father who just buried his daughter. He asked “how can you console a man who lost his daughter”.

I saw fear in the eyes of a young woman. Her mother died of breast cancer and now she has been told she has it too.

I felt shame in the presence of a middle aged man. He has just been told his cancer was too aggressive for treatment to make any meaning. We just have to watch him die.

I understood love as explained by a 5 year old. She said it is when Bill her classmate wears the same shirt everyday, because she said she liked it.

A cloud of darkness passed over me today. I remembered the lives lost this year due to the “migrant crisis” . I wondered how much human life was worth.

I saw tomorrow today. I met a young girl who is determined to conquer the world. She had just been admitted into college to study a course thought to be the exclusive preserve of men.

The daily interactions of our lives with others must leave an imprint in our souls. It could drive us to be better or to be worse. To have hope or to despair. To plan for success or failure. To envisage the future joyfully or to dread it with hopelessness.

The choice is yours.