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What matters?

My religion or that I subscribe to something greater than me?

How many times I pray or that I try to live a good and morally upright life?

Where I worship, or that I see God in all men (women)?

My creed or my positive influence ?

What matters?

My college degree or my skills ?

Who I call friend or the fact that I have friends?

Who I look up to or the kind of life the person lives?

How much I earn or the fact that my family does not lack?

What matters?

That I have a house or that I have a home?

That I have a wife or that I love my wife?

That I have a lot of children or that I provide for all my children?

That I have a family or that I am building a legacy?

What matters?

That I convey my message in writing or that I get my message heard (read)?

That I write long essays or that people read my posts to the end?

That I think in poetry or that I make my life a poem?

That I exist or that I impact my community?

What matters?

That I am black or that I am a human being?

That I am a woman or that I give birth to children?

That I am young or that I have the necessary skills?

That I am grey haired or that I speak wisdom?

What in this world really matters?

Conversation with time.

Tic tock: I turn seconds to minutes and hours to days.

I transform spring to summer and autumn to winter.

In me exists all things but I exist outside of all.

I govern all and I am governed by none.

Tic tock: I define senescence and juvenile.

I define relevance and irrelevance.

I seperate the patient and hopeful from the impatient and fidgety.

I am the friend of the child and the enemy of the old.

Tic tock: I am all powerful and all encompassing.

I wait for no man and slow for no mortal.

I countdown my life so you can “count up” yours.

I diminish so you can flourish.

Tic tock:  I am disregarded by the young because they mistake my consistency for slowness.

I am the subject of endlesss searching by the old because they think am fast.

I am what all men want but never get enough of.

Tic tock; I am time the immortal that measures all and is measured by none.