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To Glow…

He said “thank you for being there for me more than I thought possible, for standing strong when I was obviously weak, for the encouragement when I lacked any. Thank you for being my gift from God.”
Her face just lit up like an electric bulb, she glowed outwardly and inwardly. Just because she felt the appreciation in the place where it tickles the heart.
Appreciate , it costs you nothing but gains you everything.

Why Appreciate?

For most of us, we learn to appreciate things when we lose them. Others appreciate things because they hope to have them and yet others appreciate them because they know the importance.

So we don’t appreciate the ease with which we access education until we find ourselves in a situation where we understand that it is not a right in certain places.

We begin to appreciate our families, when we see and interact with orphans hoping for a foster family.

We begin to appreciate friendships that saw us thru’ difficult childhood situations, when we listen to children bullied in school and had no one to turn to.

We begin to appreciate health when we volunteer at the hospital and see both young and old fighting to stay healthy.

We begin to appreciate God when we find ourselves in situations that our intelligence cannot save us from.

We begin to appreciate children when we hear the stories of couples waiting 10,15 or 20years to have a child.

We begin to say thank you when we understand that by ourselves we couldn’t have achieved anything ascribed to us.

We begin to appreciate what we have(and still wanting more) , when we see people who have less than we do and and complain less.

Why wait till we lose it, before we appreciate it?

Take a bold step today and appreciate the relationships, friendships, family and all sorts of factors that have played a part in making you who you are today.

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One Lovely Blog Award

First of all I will like to thank Paige for nominating me for this award. She is an awesome writer and I recommend you follow her blog if you have not. Thanks paige.


1.Put the award logo on your blog.

2.Give 7 facts about yourself.

3.Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4.Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5.Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

Now for 7 things about myself……

In no particular order ,here goes nothing…..

# I am not French. I know my name will suggest that but am not. I just love the language and the culture. Maybe in my next life I will be French.

# I love movies. Movies are my therapy ,companion and my leisure. Its so easy for me to forget the world when am with my movies. I can do movies 24/7 all year round.

#I don’t like people that talk too much. Now “too much” is very relative so don’t be put off yet. I am the sole measure of what is “too much”. So I may be wrong sometimes.

#I am quiet or as my teacher will say “reserved”. I can drive you mad with silence and I won’t even notice. 🙂 I get lost in my mind sometimes but am working on that.

#I love the arts even though I am science educated. The theatre acts and the gallery shows get me every time. I sooo love them and can spend all my money on them. But I still don’t know what impressionist art means. 🙂

#I am not a neat freak. I just like things being where they are assigned to be. I know my wife will be shaking her head now but …. thats me. 🙂

# I think I may have social phobia. I am not sure yet , am still working out the kinks in the diagnostic process. But one thing I know is that social interaction is not my strong suit. 🙂

Hmmm… that was energy sapping.

Now for my nomination.

Thank you for taking time to read this , I am glad you did. I nominate timidandvivid for this award ,you must visit her blog I soo love it.


I came across a quote recently which asked ,
” what if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were grateful for today?”
it struck me how gradually we as a people have been losing touch with how to say “thank you”.
We have begun to see good actions as our right and so don’t appreciate them anymore.
Our lives have become increasingly more comfortable so we have all we need so why be thankful for the “extra”.  Gratitude is the easiest route to happiness.
Today take a deep breath and decide to be grateful for every good thing that comes your way.

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To appreciate people is something we don’t do as often as it is required. So for me today I want to show my appreciation to all those in my life who have consistently been a light in my dark times and a smile in my sad times.

This is  tirled “Your Smile” by Julie Herbert

Your smile lights my way through life,

And keeps me warm inside.

It reminds me that people are good,

Especially when their snide.

Your smile helps me though each day,

Knowing I’ll soon see if again.

It even makes me want to smile,

Even when I’m in pain.

Your smile can take my moods away,

And help me to see it another way.

It reminds me not too take things so hard,

And so seriously every day.

Your smile I am so very thankful,

And of course for you as well.

You always know just what to say,

And never let me dwell.

So thank you so much for all your smiles,

And for loving me each day.

Life can be very tough but thankfully,

I’ve got you to help shine my way.

Exceptional events

Today is one of those days when so much happens yet you still can’t reconcile how it all went down


All I know is that I am most grateful to God for my life and that of my loved ones. For his constant vigilance inspite of my constant straying.
I have no long essay today as I am still marvelled at the events of today. So all I say to you my friends is  “be grateful in all things”.
No matter how bad it is for you, there is somebody somewhere who is in a worse situation.
And I thank you too for taking out time to read these posts. It is most humbling. Thank you very much.


A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be an interesting experiment to take up blogging and see how it will help my pursuit to inspire people to live better lives. I needed a platform to engage the world and offer to the public my thoughts on what to strive for and how to aspire to be better.

Four weeks down the line I am immensely humbled and encouraged by the more than a thousand people who have become part of this platform either as viewers or visitors. That I could be encouraged in the way that I have been, by other bloggers who have no stake in my pursuit was awe inspiring. Together; the non-blogger readers and the blogger readers brought me here, to this point in time where I say thank you.

Thank you for showing me how to let loose what God has secured in me for the world. I am still a newbie but also an appreciative one.

To those on my blog roll, Barrira, steven farquharsc, Magdalena, ben broenen , stephaniesocial , takingthemaskoff, Lourdes @ tribeloco, inspirational hope, michelle kim, vasanganyado, annie b, ifrahrao, k.l.register, dacomh, tim A. jackcollier7, stuart perkins, inkstinct, rileycarrbusinessassociate,sarahsugden1  …… thank you for following me even when I was standing on one leg.

I can only say thank you and hope that you see the depth of my gratitude not the shortness of my words.