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Conversation with time.

Tic tock: I turn seconds to minutes and hours to days.

I transform spring to summer and autumn to winter.

In me exists all things but I exist outside of all.

I govern all and I am governed by none.

Tic tock: I define senescence and juvenile.

I define relevance and irrelevance.

I seperate the patient and hopeful from the impatient and fidgety.

I am the friend of the child and the enemy of the old.

Tic tock: I am all powerful and all encompassing.

I wait for no man and slow for no mortal.

I countdown my life so you can “count up” yours.

I diminish so you can flourish.

Tic tock:  I am disregarded by the young because they mistake my consistency for slowness.

I am the subject of endlesss searching by the old because they think am fast.

I am what all men want but never get enough of.

Tic tock; I am time the immortal that measures all and is measured by none.

Life’s Flash Cards #2

This is a continuation from the previous post.

Death is not the end . It is rather the beginning of eternity.

Emotions are not weaknesses. They are fulcrums upon which we define our humanity.

Time is not unlimited. It is measured in the rising and setting of the sun.

Hope does not die. It lasts forever for he who so desires it.

Risk is not jumping off a bridge, hoping the water will save you. It is rather jumping off a bridge after making sure the factors that will aid your fall and cushion your landing are in place.

A drunk is not always wrong. Sometimes he says the truth that we don’t want to hear.

Being alive is not about sleeping and waking. It is about having an interaction with people and environment, being felt wherever you go.

Religion is not about mosques, churches, temples or other places of worship. It is about your personal relationship with God.

Expertise is not about knowing everything. Its about knowing enough of everything to have a meaningful conversation.

Sight is beyond what the eyes see. It is more about what the mind perceives.

Care is not about provision. Its about your being present when necessary.

Books may hold the key to knowledge. But life experience holds the key to wisdom.

Patience is not always rewarding. But it is always hopeful and fulfilling.

Music is not just about sound. It is about both sound and words.

Animal pets can’t take the place of human friends. No matter the argument you put forward, they are still animals and you still need to relate with your species.

Passion can’t be subdued. It always finds a way to boil over and give excitement when needed.

It is not hard to dress well. You are always addressed as you are dressed.

The sun is not just to light your path. Its there to tell you that “another cycle has begun, make the best of it.”

Your boss is not your friend. He/she is a “slave driver” that must make returns to his/her own bosses.

No matter how bad your day is take a minute to relive your successes and victories, your good times and great times. And in them find courage and hope to attempt life again on a positive note.