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Failure as a stage of success

We live in a world that glorifies success and rightly so. We celebrate the successful and despise the failures, success stories become “motivational” speeches on how to “make it” in life. The successful become celebrities and famous, be it in politics or film ,in industry or science we make celebrities out of those who have achieved.

Now there is nothing wrong in that, except that in celebrating a point in a journey we forget and unconsciously neglect the whole journey. So those who fail amount to nothing, are not reckoned with are despised and  not allowed to talk.

We have naively chosen to forget that success is neither spontaneous nor instantaneous. There is no “big break”, no ” epiphany”, rather success is a  process at the beginning of which you will almost certainly find failure.

The enigma of the Living, is that he who lives has to fail in other to succeed. By trying and failing, you have become a little bit more successful than you were before you failed.


For every attempt you make to succeed, you break down barriers and obstacles first in your own mind before you go ahead to make an outward effort to be successful. That’s a measure of success; believing that you are more than what you see and striving for greater things.

The problem with failing is not in its nature but in its interpretation. The individual who fails loses self esteem , becomes discouraged, gives up at times , becomes frustrated at other times. But it is in those who see failure as a learning experience and a spring board to try again that you glimpse the power of failure to push , to encourage to motivate to strive more to work harder. It is all because they understand failure not to be the end but a point in the journey just like success ddoes

Some people fail to succeed so they may end up valuing the success more, others succeed without failing they may despise failure and think success is a right, while still some may succeed just to fail ,when they find success again they are wiser and better understand that life is full of points but each stop doesn’t define the journey only the end does.

It is said that the coward dies a thousand times before his death, but I say  the one who fails succedes a thousand times before his triumph.


Is God a feminist?

If you believe in God, then you will understand
He made them “man and woman”.

Both equal and none better
The same hand created, the same  breath of life for both.

Man to provide and protect
Woman to help and direct.

To help not to be enslaved
To direct not to be made inconsequential.

To provide not to ” rule”
To protect not to dominate.

With destinies intertwined
One’s success is tied to the other’s sacrifice.

But selfishness made one think he is better
Society made the other become a footstool.

But in the creator’s mind they are both the same
Made by purpose destined for greatness.

Who are you O man?
A child of your creator or a product of your greed for power?

Where are you O woman?
Oppressed into obsolescence or lost in the shadows striving to be who you are made to be?



The process….

When we succeed nobody remembers our failures, when we triumph, they forget our battles and it’s bruises. When they see our finished structure, they forget we worked for it and paid the price.
There is always a process to accomplishment; hard work, perseverance, tenacious focus, vision, and most of all patience.


“What costs nothing means nothing” Success is in getting up after a fall and trying again, and again and again until you achieve success and then your failures are forgotten.
Give it another try ,you never know.


Flowing with life or not…..

It’s an amazing feeling to move without action, at least not any action you perform. To glide through life without any effort on your part.
Swimmers will describe the peace they experience when they just lie back and go where the current carried them. No hand strokes or breast strokes or butterfly strokes ; just be there and the waters will do the rest.
The downside in all this experience is that you end up going where you did not wish to go.
If you don’t have a dream, your life will be spent helping others achieve theirs.
Why flow with life’s currents when you can make an intentional pursuit of a life goal.
Those who are wise said “sustained success is never an accident”. It is intentional, it is planned for and worked towards. When you have an unplanned ” success” ,it doesn’t last. The proceeds of such a success are finished long before you know you were successful.
So, the easy way or the hard way?  Flow with life’s currents or forge your path through the waters of life.


Random thoughts on success

Success is never accidental,
Consciously or otherwise there must be a plan.
If you don’t plan to succede then you plan to fail.
The hunger for success must be more than the allure of mediocrity.
You tried before and you failed, so what?
You can see it as failure or as a new way not to do things.
In essence you need to be a “half full glass” person not a “half empty glass” person.
You must motivate yourself
Nobody will or can do it better than you.
You must desire to move beyond the present state.
Once you get too comfortable you sleep off in stagnation.
Success is a point along a line
Reach it and move on don’t stay there or you will miss other “points”.

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Rock Bottom or is it?

We have all had times when we felt , “this is definitely the end” . It can happen in an aspect of our endeavour; our career, business , family relationships or other facets of our existence. It could be due to frustration, disappointments, delay, things not going according to plan and a whole lot of unpredictable life twists and turns.
And so in that moment you know for a fact you have hit rock bottom. Rock bottom is a not too good a place to be but then its not enteirely bad. This is because at the bottom, there’s nowhere else to go down to. So you have an option if you are wise and willing ; acknowledge where you are and make effort to rise again or if you are lazy and foolish, you can lie at the bottom and continue staring at the top.
After a few interactions with individuals added to my own life experiences I have come to the conclusion that the bottom is not the end rather a phase in the process of being.
Do you think all is over because you are at your lowest today? Build on what is available to you , use the rocks at the bottom to build your way back to the top.
Never give up, never surrender your vision and never believe it is over until your creator calls you.

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My Antithetical World

In my world

The sand is blue and the sky is brown

We look down for guidance and upwards when in sorrow

The sun’s rays hit us from below and the rain falls up

In my world

Men fight for inclusion and women call the shots

Men are vulnerable and women decide their fate

We exercise to get cold and cover up to fight heat

In my world

It is princely to be short and being tall is a disadvantage

Weakness is strength and slow is fast

Being fat is healthy and being thin, not so much

In my world

You reach for the sand not the stars

The sky is within your grasp and the ground is unreachable

Terra firma is fluffy and the sky is hard as steel

In my world

Humans are counted in the hundreds and panda bears in the billions

Failure means success and people aspire to go down instead of up

The foolish are wise and the wise foolish

 In my world

Success is easily forgotten and failure is celebrated

The river flows upstream and ocean is stagnant

To lie is to tell the truth and to steal is to help keep the other person’s goods.

Be the Anomaly

To dare to be different is courage.

To choose to ask “why” is wisdom.

Never be lost in the multitude.

Never lose who you are.

Be uncompromising on matters of principles.

Be steadfast on matters of faith.

Having a large following does not mean you are right.

Having few followers does not mean you are wrong.

In actions and choices be like no one.

In actions and choices find your path and stay there.

Don’t despise success because you are not successful yet.

Don’t despise small beginnings because you think success is an event.

Better to stand among friends than to sit among enemies.

Better to stand with your integrity than to take the high seat in dishonesty.

Be ready to learn from all (even the thief).

Be ready to treat all the same (even those who disagree with you).

Don’t be ruled by your goals and desires.

Dont be weak when you need to show strength.

Don’t postpone what you can finish now.

Dont schedule for planning what needs no plans.

Respect your subordinate’s right to exist and breathe the same air you breathe.

Respect your boss’s right to grab on to the chance that made him your boss.

To impact this life choose to be an anomaly.

To impact generations be more than the chances that life throws your way.

There is only one of you in this life, so you are already an anomaly. You have only to make a conscious decision to live as such.

What Nobody will tell you about Life

Nobody will tell you that the path to success is riddled with failure.

Nobody will tell you that there are frustrations on the path to achieving your goal.

Nobody will tell you that you need to persevere if your prayers will be answered.

Nobody will tell you that some actions are neither white nor black but a shade of both.

Nobody will tell you that not all lies are bad, that it is moral to lie in defence of life among other things.

Nobody will tell you that God is not just a judge that He is also a lover, so He is not waiting for you to fail so He will punish you.

Nobody will tell you that merit alone may not get you promotion but personal networking most certainly will.

Nobody will tell you to learn how to speak well because a lot of the people you will meet in life will judge you on how well you communicate orally.

Nobody will tell you that alcohol can cause kidney or liver failure so you should drink in moderation.

Nobody will tell you that politics is not the devil’s profession, that its work for saints and demons alike.

Nobody will tell you that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Because the enemy you know is better than the friend you think you know.

Nobody will tell you that a new shoe hurts like hell. You see people wearing them and you think all is well.

Nobody will tell you that life is beyond parties and partying. Until you wake up to notice that your peers are employing people and you dont even have a job.

Nobody will tell you that you dont really need a college degree to be a success. A lot of successful people dont have them.

Nobody will tell you that you dont need to attend an ivy league school to be adjudged excellent. A lot of notable academics did not start from the ivy league schools.

Nobody will tell you to sleep adequately. You think sleep is a waste of time? Wait until you have a stroke.

Nobody will tell you that your youth is not the best time of your life. Your retirement is , because that is truly when you can afford not to do anything and the heavens will not fall.

Nobody will tell you that life happens only once. Because we can so focus on doing other things we think important and life will pass us by.

Nobody will tell you to learn from experience. Because its only a fool that forgets his past and disregards the lessons he can learn from it.

Nobody will tell you to play more. That all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The Empty Chair #2

Today Father we continue our dialogue from where we left of the last time. I want to bring another issue to your attention Father. It is how easy it is for cheats to succeed and very difficult for the one who works hard to taste victory.

I have seen good people frustrated in their journey towards success. They believed rightly in the power of your favor and worked hard trusting that your grace will make a difference. But they were disappointed. I know school mates who worked hard to pass exams but failed because a lecturer wanted them to. I also know mates who never worked hard and only appeared on exam days. But they passed exams because they had friends among the teachers or spoke to the teachers in a language that they understood.

Father it continues even outside the school environment. People are skipped for promotions because “they don’t belong” or because “they will rock the boat”. And others that are flowing with the times good, bad and ugly get promotions even before their time. In this era of being “politically right” and morally wrong those who stand for truth are ever decreasing in numbers.  And they are constantly being heckled so they will give in to falsehood.

I know Father that you taught me patience and the Holy book says not to focus on the seeming successes of the evil man but it can be annoying sometimes. To go through sleepless nights and fail only for another to be nonchalant, party all year round and succeed. I know I should not compare myself to others because our destinies are different but couldn’t you end these frustrations or give hope to these disappointed ones? I know you have the power to do both.

People have made commitments not to bribe anybody either with sex, money or any other thing to get jobs and they have not found it, not even on merit. But the ones who gave bribes or favors for jobs are getting jobs. Don’t you think it makes those who believe in you look stupid?

I know I am not supposed to conform to the world but the pressures to do so are increasing exponentially. How do I convince others about you when my hard work is not producing commensurate results? Or how do I tell people to turn from the wide road that leads to destruction when I have “nothing” to show for being on the narrow road.

Father I just wonder , if you can give a bit more success to those who work hard, a bit more promotion in life to those who deserve it, just a little bit more favor for those who wait on you day and night. I just wonder .