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Word Salad

I could make this poetic and interesting.But I don’t want to.As rambling and uncoordinated as it is, it will sure give you a picture of the mind that is not at peace.

Do I need to do bad to achieve good?

Do I need to create darkness to make light?

If I believe in God and his awesome power, am I convinced that He cannot do Good all by himself? So much so that He needs to do good thru the avenue of evil.

If I believe in God’s time being the best, does it make sense that I would seek to run faster than him? That I would follow short cuts to a place that he may or may not have said I will eventually get to?

If I believe His plans for me are better than any I can ever have for myself, then why am I planning to take a path other than his?

It is all rambling and mumbling. But at the end of the road we need to know what is morality? What is principle? What does it mean to take a stand? 

I am convinced that to stand with God is not to guarantee success and victory in the battles of this world. That is why Job will say “though he slay me yet will I trust him” or the three Jews thrown in  to the burning furnace will say “Our God will save us, but even if He does not, we will not worship your image”.

I might be too strict with myself, but I know for a fact that God doesn’t need to create bad before he can create good. He can do good all by himself.

So this is where I make my stand today; ” even if I don’t get that good I yearn for, I will not do wrong or take a short cut to get it”.

Crazy….?  God help me.


Is God a feminist?

If you believe in God, then you will understand
He made them “man and woman”.

Both equal and none better
The same hand created, the same  breath of life for both.

Man to provide and protect
Woman to help and direct.

To help not to be enslaved
To direct not to be made inconsequential.

To provide not to ” rule”
To protect not to dominate.

With destinies intertwined
One’s success is tied to the other’s sacrifice.

But selfishness made one think he is better
Society made the other become a footstool.

But in the creator’s mind they are both the same
Made by purpose destined for greatness.

Who are you O man?
A child of your creator or a product of your greed for power?

Where are you O woman?
Oppressed into obsolescence or lost in the shadows striving to be who you are made to be?



Are you a miracle ?

A miracle is always associated with the divine, the supernatural, unexplainable, the creator or God himself however our beliefs want to understand it. A miracle does not contradict nature rather it strengthens it.
Nature is about causes and effects but as someone said , a miracle circumvents nature’s laws. So a miracle is an effect for which there is no known physical cause. It is not making a rabbit disappear or turning a handkerchief into a butterfly.
That brings us to today’s reflection. You were conceived a number of years ago, and inspite of the uphill task, you survived thru out pregnancy and was delivered safely. Today you are a child , a teenager or an adult maybe even a parent. And despite all the battles you fought along the way, you are here .
You fought health issues , emotional issues, psychological issues disabilities but you are still standing tall.


Your parents died when you were just a child and nobody  gave you any chance at success. Now you have achieved a measure of success bringing shame to your detractors.
Your life stopped because you had to care for your siblings, when your parents were physically present but emotionally absent. You lost your childhood because you had to grow up quickly and be the adult in the home that your parents were supposed to be.
You were raped by a trusted friend or abused by a parent (sexually or physically even emotionally). Or maybe you had a child you were not prepared for and your life took a sharp turn down hill.
But today you are here with a life or an accomplishment worth celebrating.  You have been thru thick and thin, thru the fog and the rain .  You have survived where others died, stood tall where many fell flat. Yes the weather has been harsh, but you came in for a landing, you struggled but you made a perfect landing. Or maybe you are still trying to land, negotiating the turns and thunderstorms but eventually you will land on your feet.
So what are you my dear, a miracle or a magic trick?


The Gift

At the peak of pleasure was the foundation laid.
In the throes of passion was the journey begun.
It was formed in darkness and grows in silence.
It had life because the creator willed it so.

It was a prayer but now a reality .
It was formless but that was just the beginning.
It will have shape and structure when it reaches the end.
Wrapped in fragile tissue housed in delicate flesh.


Don’t spoil the surprise with a peek under the hood.
It always pays to wait and be hit by the surprise.
Its a long wait , yes, but its worth the time.
The quiet prayers, the gentle touches, the expectant looks all part of the gift.

Its a gift received with utmost joy.
But it is opened in painful groans and moans.
With screams and shouts of pain the wrapping is shredded.
When its stripped bare, there is a  cry, shrill and soul piercing.


It signals a glorious new life, God’s perfect gift to mere mortals.


Running for God

If I were God,

I will put an end to all wars and end all sicknesses.

If I were God,

No mother will mourn a child and nobody will live beyond 70. 🙂

If I were God,

I will “uncreate” the devil and show my power always.

If I were God,

My judgement will be swift and my punishment severe.

If I were God,

Humanity will be one race knowing man’s penchant for segregation.

If I were God,

I will make Men able to carry pregancies, so they will alternate motherhood with women.

If I were God,

I will ensure that all men fear me and always stand in awe of me.

If I were God,

Success will be based on input and life will be fair.

If I were God,

Nobody will be able to take his/her life cos all life will be subject to me.

If I were God,

I will neither inhabit temples, mosques or churches rather I will have a palace where all will pay me homage.

If I were God,

There won’t be sadness in the land forever and joy shall reign supreme.

If I were God,

Once you lie, your pants will be consumed by fire. 🙂


But am not God thats why He is doing a better job than me.

Don’t envy another man’s position, in his capacity you may be incapacitated.

The Empty Chair #3

Father, in the first and second episodes of this series I have talked about quite a few issues. Issues I feel conflicted about, issues I will need clarifications on. But I cant keep talking and not give you a chance to respond, so this will be the last episode for now. Today I want to ask you about an issue that is relatively common but less talked about.

It is about prayers, the how ,the method the expectations from you and what it really means to pray well. Father, I have seen goid and serious Christians , in my own estimation, who have persevered in prayer for a particular intention; but after a very long time they still dont have answers to their prayers. From those praying for children to those praying for life partners to those praying for good jobs ,the list is endless. And I have also seen others who before they finish praying you have already answered their prayers, they are favoured right left and centre.

I know the Good book says that we dont get what we pray for because we pray amiss. My question then is , what does it mean to pray well? I have listened to different preachers and teachers and am sorry to say they dont all agree on this topic. Its like each person has a different method  that works exclusively for him/her but none that works across divides. I have read about mental prayer ,vocal prayer and everything in between and quite frankly they look and sound academic to me.

In the Scriptures you taught us to persevere in prayer, to pray without ceasing. How do we achieve that Father? You assured us that when we pray in the name of Jesus , you will answer, how come you are not answering these your saints?

I am convinced you do not have favourites, so I want to know what am doing wrong in communicating with you. Over the years I have presented some very specific intentions to you, but got no answer. It was as if you shut your eyes to my situation and your ears to my cries. But I know that you neither sleep nor slumber.

Is it part of perseverance to continue asking for intention A, when its being overtaken by a multitude of other intentions all streaming from the one intention that has not been answered?  (Sometimws its difficult to keep abreast of the different intwntions) Is it that you answer and I dont hear or see? Or you answer and it is interrupted as in the case of Daniel?

Father, communication is the fulcrum upon which my relationshipbwith you rests. How do I communicate better with you? You could also do well to communicate better, you could talk at certain times when a calm voice could soothe frayed nerves. You could speak when a voice is needed in the darkness to calm the frightened child.

But it seems you hold on to your “silence” so much that things go wrong. So many times I have no idea what you want and when  I ask you dont respond. It leaves me hovering on one foot waiting for an answer or sign to stabilize my standing.

Father, theres so much that I need answers and directions on, so much am conflicted about. But for now let me rest my voice, so that in the silence you can make your answers known and your message heard.