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This is from the movie Lincoln and I have paraphrased the quote which is ever relevant to us today as we begin a new month.

“I have a compass which only shows true north. It points you true north but doesn’t show you the crevices or swamps or rivers you must cross to get to true north. If in pursuit of your destination you plunge heedless and achieve nothing but to sink in a swamp, then whats the need of knowing true north”

Lesson; What is the essence of knowing what is right if we can’t use that knowledge to become more upright in our dealings with each other. The conscience is the compass of our lives and it will always point true North. Of what importance is it to know your destination in life and then pay no attention to your present reality to allow it help you forge a path to that destination. we must be ready for the unknown in pursuing our goals, the end does not always justify the means.our reality must not be divulged from our path to achieving our goals. We must  be ready to tackle the swamps and crevices we must meet on the way to our goals. We must not look true north and forget that we must forge a path to it.
Do have a profitable month

What nobody will tell you about life #2

After the last post ,my friend and editor thought that there was still more to say. And so she penned this as a continuation of the last post. Enjoy

Nobody will tell you to look at both sides of the coin before making decisions, so you can be responsible for your actions

Nobody will tell you to take intelligent risks; for you may just succeed,. Beacuse if you don’t try you have already failed.

Nobody will tell you to be straight forward,you only need to be a victim of  cheating to realise the virtue in being straight forward.

Nobody will tell you not to be envious of anything,you only need to get that same thing and  see the work it takes to be happy with it.

Nobody will tell you to dream, you only need to wake up one day and see yourself a product of another person’s dream.

Nobody will tell you not to judge a book by its cover, till you walk away from your blessings.

Nobody will tell you to leave your comfort zone, till you find nothing working as you planned.

Nobody will tell you that not all you were taught is as it should be,it also had the teacher’s perspective to it

Nobody will tell you that he who asks shall always recieve,it only depends on what you ask and how.

Nobody will tell you that in the quest for survival,the process may never be what you are used to.

Nobody will tell you to take care of yourself while you care for others ,they assume you already do

Nobody will tell you that life is not just about money, until you have a problem money cannot solve.

Nobody will tell you to be open to blessings for it is not enough to give and not have the spirit to recieve

Nobody will tell you “your cross is too heavy”; let me carry it for you because everybody has his/hers.

Nobody will tell you “I am always here for you”,do as you please. Very soon you will know that man is a fickle minded specie.

Nobody will tell you;’you have done well’, you only have to be satisfied with your effort.

Nobody will tell you to love yourself no matter what,till you find people who want to be you.

Nobody will tell you to walk tall,till your seeming humility takes food off your table.

Nobody will tell you to be sure of what you want,till you realise you were only living out someone else’s dream of your life.

Nobody will tell you to have time for those you love,you will only retire from work one day  and find out you are all alone.

Nobody will tell you to give,you only need a moment of consideration to see who is willing to share with you.

Nobody will tell you to play,till you realise you are a stranger to those you truly hold dear.

Nobody will tell you to laugh,till you realise how isolated you are in your bunble of seriousness.

Nobody will tell you to dance and be swooned till you see how much of life you were missing.