Of Questions and Quests

I want to question questions

I want to quest for answers

But I have a dilemma 

I am stuck in a crevice

If I ask I am “not knowing”

If I don’t ask I am a “moron”

What will it take but courage

I banish “peoples thoughts” so I focus on mine

Why do you think your opinion is better than mine?

Why do you feel my questions are not worth asking?

Why do you think “questions are not allowed”?

Who made you arbiter of good and bad?

The world was founded on questions and questing 

Human beings aspire based on questions and questing

Your world is narrowed without question and questing

If you stop me from asking then you stop yourself from learning

What is life if we cannot learn

Question …the sharp needle that wakes sleeping monsters

The fire that razes households

Also the “thesis” that describes us.

The canvas on which we are remembered

Questions and questing

The curious silence that greets autocracy

The ever present invitation of a theocracy

Questions don’t mean doubt

Questions don’t mean opposition

If I don’t ask my questions I will be ignorant but your life view will remain parochial.

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