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My white wall

At birth it was filled with smiling faces
In adolescence there were more questions than answers.
More frowning faces than smiles.
More thinking faces than giggles.


In my late teens I stopped drawing and began to write.
I wrote my sadness in black,
And my joys in blue.
I wrote my indecisions in red, and my plans in green.

A decade later my wall was more black than blue.
And I had to wonder, has it been this bad?
I have missed life cos’ I was seeing only black .
Even though I had blue, I never saw them.

So now I am starting a new.
I am painting everything over.
I want to start again late as it may seem.
So my wall will reflect the truth I have come to know .

That happiness is a choice.


(Sorry for not posting for sometime, I had to take a needed break)

The Fringes

We have always been taught that human actions have clear definitions. If your actions are not good then they are bad. If you are not telling the truth then you’re lying. If you are not sleeping then you are awake. If you are not present then you are undoubtedly absent.

We have been raised to think that if you dont love the you hate. That if you are not wise,it is because you are foolish. That you can either be dumb or intelligent but not both. The ultimate is that things are either black or white.

But what of the gray areas, the watershed regions where things are not so clear. The actions you can call neither good nor bad, the curcumstances that you can neither lie nor say the truth. Tell me, the teenage girl that told her attacker she is menstruating so that she can avoid being raped, did she lie? Or the drunkard that staggers on the street and dishes out unsolicited but cogent advise to those he passes, is he foolish?

There are times when we are neither awake nor asleep, there are people and situations we neither love nor hate. There are those who are acclaimed as intellectuals but when they talk on certain issues, you wonder if they had a lobotomy. Even in life, there are those that are not dead but they are not alive either.

Strict definitions and demarcations do not always work for all things. But the more important thing is who draws the line on these definitions? Is it time that defines our actions, is it the audience or is it you the doer ? Sometimes to make a valid point we must work on the fringes of black and white. And its not wrong to do so.