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The Triumph of Hope

I was mildly hopeful
I believed but not totally
I hoped I will be a success
But I also felt I might fail.

I looked to my future
And I saw reason to hope
But I also saw many reasons to doubt
I saw tomorrow but I also saw yesterday.

I envisioned victory
But fear fought for a foothold
I knew the battle and the terrain
But I didn’t know if I was strong enough.

Then came Words…words…words….
They gave strength to my vision
Wings to my dreams
They taught me victory before the fight.

Then I knew….
Though fear be present
And doubt  not dissolve
Hope will triumph over all.



The process….

When we succeed nobody remembers our failures, when we triumph, they forget our battles and it’s bruises. When they see our finished structure, they forget we worked for it and paid the price.
There is always a process to accomplishment; hard work, perseverance, tenacious focus, vision, and most of all patience.


“What costs nothing means nothing” Success is in getting up after a fall and trying again, and again and again until you achieve success and then your failures are forgotten.
Give it another try ,you never know.


Rock Bottom or is it?

We have all had times when we felt , “this is definitely the end” . It can happen in an aspect of our endeavour; our career, business , family relationships or other facets of our existence. It could be due to frustration, disappointments, delay, things not going according to plan and a whole lot of unpredictable life twists and turns.
And so in that moment you know for a fact you have hit rock bottom. Rock bottom is a not too good a place to be but then its not enteirely bad. This is because at the bottom, there’s nowhere else to go down to. So you have an option if you are wise and willing ; acknowledge where you are and make effort to rise again or if you are lazy and foolish, you can lie at the bottom and continue staring at the top.
After a few interactions with individuals added to my own life experiences I have come to the conclusion that the bottom is not the end rather a phase in the process of being.
Do you think all is over because you are at your lowest today? Build on what is available to you , use the rocks at the bottom to build your way back to the top.
Never give up, never surrender your vision and never believe it is over until your creator calls you.

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The certainties of life

There are a few things you can be certain about in this life ;

No matter how gloomy you are, the sun will rise every morning

No matter how long the day is, the night will always come.

The living can never have enough sleep, only the dead will.

No matter how tall you are, you can’t see the future.

Dark clouds will not always gather before a rainfall.

If you keep avoiding risks, you may remain in the same place forever.

The greatest treasure vault is the graveyard.

As long as there is summer and winter, sowing and reaping will never cease.

My truth will always be different from your truth.

Marriage will always be more than the ceremony that initiates it.

Hate will always give birth to sadness and frustration.

Anger, uncontrolled will always end badly.

Love is always worth fighting for.

The young shall grow and the old will always die.

No matter how far back you can stretch your hand, you can never change the past.

No matter how much you hide the truth, it will always be revealed in due time.



Words have always been of great value to my life and so today I invite you to reflect with me on some of the words that I love and what they remind me of.

Joy: when I think of my increasing sphere of influence

Amazing: when I consider where I am and where I am coming from.

Intriguing: when I consider the facets of my life

Unique: when I see me in relation to the rest 6.9999billion people on earth.

Impressive: when I see in my mind’s eye the future I hope for.

Hopeful: when I look at my today and consider my tomorrow.

Generosity: when I think of an act to keep me grounded and save me from pride.

Memorable: when I think of the day I become who I am meant to be.

Efficient: when I consider how my biological system functions without my help

Confidence: when I seek the nudge to take a bold step.

Leisure: what every family must have more of

Reference: when I think of what my family should be.

Beautiful: when I wake up in the morning to see my wife beside me.

Dependable: when I think of my friend who became my wife.

Mysterious: when I think of the bond between fathers and their sons

Forever: when I calculate how long a mother’s love lasts

Delicious: what I want my wife to say after eating a meal I struggled to prepare.

Ecstatic: when my baby smiles at me for the first time.

Brilliant: when I consider the world and the one who made it.

Goodness: when I think of the job description to overcome evil.

Resilience: when I think of the human spirit.

Divine: when I contemplate Gods love for me

Heaven: when I search for a reason to live right

Miracle: when I see terminal patients live a full span of life

Abundance: when I reflect on Gods store house of blessings

Colorful: when I consider the world and the people that populate it.

Absolute: when I consider Gods capacity for good

Approval: what everybody seeks but nobody talks about

Fun: what I consider when work becomes boring.

Valued: when I think of the readers that has made me a blogger

Skillful: when I consider the blogs I like and those on my blog roll

Eager: when I pause and wait to read the words that other people love.

Thankful: when I calculate the time you spent to read this.

Wow: when I stop and consider the words that you love.


People aren’t inconsistent, but their behavior is.

Mark McCormack

 In this third and last episode of, “Of gods and men” we focus on a man whose legacy in life was not diminished even in death.

He was the adopted son of parents that were not even college graduates. As a child he took interest in repairing electronics a hobby that his adopted father had exposed him to early in life. In elementary school his test scores were so outstanding that his teachers recommended that he skip two grades. Graduating from high school he applied and got admission into college but spent only six months before dropping out on account of financial constraints.

After he dropped out of college he went into business with his friend who was an engineer and helped him market his electronic product to a major video game company. The video game company offered him a job based on the product he sold to them.

He will eventually form a company with this engineer friend when he was 21years old. . Making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs at the time in what will eventually become Silicon Valley. He was worth over a million dollars when he was 23 and over ten million dollars when he was 24, and over a hundred million dollars when he was 25.

The company he cofounded will go on to become a multibillion dollar company producing personal computers and other consumer electronics. In 2011 the company became the most valuable publicly traded company in the world and has more cash at hand than most countries. As of 2014 the company had 147billion USD cash at hand.

In 1989 he was named “Entrepreneur of the decade” by Inc. magazine, he was named the “Most powerful person in business” by Fortune magazine in 2007, in 2009 he was selected as the “Most admired entrepreneur” among teenagers, in the same year he was named “CEO of the decade” by Fortune magazine. In 2010 he was ranked no. 17 on Forbes: “The world’s most powerful people” and was named “Person of the year” by the financial times in the same year.

He is Steve Jobs, entrepreneur, consummate marketer, inventor and cofounder Apple Inc who died in 2011 at the age of 55.

He was adopted at birth and was named Steven Paul Jobs by his adoptive parents. His father was a carpenter and a mechanic while his mother was an accountant. He was taught how to read before he started school and had excellent grades throughout the time he spent in school. The cash crunch in the family will make him quit college after only six months though he kept dropping in on creative classes for about18 months. A calligraphy class he dropped in on will later play a great role in the typefaces used by the Mac computer that Apple makes.

Irrespective of his genius he has been described by co-workers and friends as being an egomaniac and ill tempered. He is said to be rude and has an aggressive personality.

Probably these shortcomings contributed to his ousting from the company he cofounded after only 9 years at the helm of affairs.

When asked why he gets so mad, he reportedly said “But I don’t stay mad” giving an insight into the mind of one who understands his flaws. Steve Jobs was a perfectionist in all things but was not perfect in Character, he was a designer who contributed immensely to electronic aesthetics but his character was a flawed design.

He knew it and he tried to be better following his exit from Apple. He acknowledged this in a speech at Stanford University in 2005, saying he wouldn’t have become who he is if he wasn’t fired from Apple, going further he said, “It was an awful tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it”.

Steve Jobs was a god among gods, having been described as a visionary, pioneer and genius in the way he revolutionized at least 6 different industries. He was likened to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford of his time.

But Jobs was a man with flaws who achieved and remained successful because he learned from experience and labored to win his character battle.

This week we have seen the desire to be better in character motivate a man to be the best, we have seen bad character cloud the legendary successes of an athlete and today we see character make a genius almost lose it all.

Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.

Richard Hooker

You don’t need to get to the edge of the cliff before you step back, you can make a choice not to get to that edge, make that choice and grow your life to be profitable having made wonderful investments in it.


Sometimes I look back on my life

and wonder just how one man

could achieve all I’ve done.

James Brown

In this episode of OGAM, we focus on an exceptional woman and a super athlete, I will tell you a bit about her.

She is the last girl in the family with four (4) older sisters, her father reportedly started coaching her for the sport at 3 years of age, she was home schooled so the training fit in nicely into the day’s activities.

She won her first tournament at 8years old and was ranked no 1 in Florida for the under 10 players at the age of 10. She turned professional at 14, and became world no 1 for the first time at 21. She is the only female tennis player to have won over $60million in prize money.

Popularly named the “Queen of the Court” by the media she has an impressive record of achievements in her 20 year career as a professional tennis player. She holds the most singles, doubles and mixed doubles titles combined amongst active players, male or female.

She has been ranked world No. 1 on six (6) different occasions by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), she is the oldest No. 1 player in WTA’s history. She is the reigning Australian open, US open, WTA Tour Championships and Olympic ladies singles champion. In her exceptional career she has won 34 Grand slam titles making her 7th on the all time list of Grand slam winners. The Grand slam titles are made up of 19 Grand slams in singles, 13 in women’s doubles and 2 in mixed doubles.

In 2014 she became one (1) of only (5) women ever to occupy the No. 1 spot on the WTA  rankings for at least 200 weeks She is the winner of 4 Olympic gold medals and has been credited with launching a new era of power in women’s tennis.

She is Serena Williams younger sister to Venus Williams also an accomplished athlete.

She was born Serena Jameka Williams to Richard and Oracene Williams. At the time of her birth she was the youngest of 5 girls, one of her sisters will later die in a fatal shooting.  She was raised up as a Jehovah Witness and is still an ardent follower of the sect. she was  home  schooled by her father who introduced her to tennis at the age of 3 taking up the responsibility of being her coach, to this day she is still coached by her father. The family moved to Florida when she was 9 where she was placed in a tennis academy. Because her father wanted her to focus on school work she was withdrawn from national junior tennis tournaments when she was ten (10), at that time Serena was ranked No.1 among under 10 players in Florida. When she was 14, her father pulled her out of the tennis academy to take on full coaching responsibilities at home, that year will see Serena Williams become a professional tennis player.

That she is an exceptional tennis player has never been in doubt, some has described her as the greatest female tennis player of all time and others as the biggest thing to happen in female tennis in an era.

Successful as she is, her victories has been overshadowed by complaints of arrogance, disrespect petulance according to some and generally an unsporting and unapologetic behavior even when obviously wrong . Opponents have complained that she is a sore loser and she has been known to verbally abuse match officials and even threaten them. In 2009 her actions cost her match points, money and a 2 year probation, in 2011 she was fined again for unsporting behavior.

She tries to explain these behavioral issues in a Rolling Stone article by painting a weird picture of assigning names to her different personalities.

Hear her: “Summer is my assistant who lives inside my body, it’s weird. She’s very effective. She’s unbelievable. She’s really like organized and she’s amazing. I love her. I remember Megan. I think she was a bad girl. Like kind of like just liked to have a lot of fun. Haven’t seen her in a long time.

“[Psycho Serena] I haven’t seen her either in a while. I have been trying to keep that one under wraps. I think that’s a girl that gets really crazy on the tennis court and just really fights really hard, just takes it a little too far sometimes. Taquanda [is] not allowed to come out. She’s on probation. She’s not nasty. She’s just real keeps it real. And you just definitely don’t want to cross her. Because you cross her, then she snaps. I don’t speak to her very often. I try never to see her. She’s nuts.”

Today she is world No. 1, a super athlete and a champion sportswoman but that does not diminish the negative effect that her bad attitude has on her life of success. She battles these flaws sometimes she wins and at other times she loses. In her story these character flaws have become dark clouds that blot out her successes, turning the focus on themselves.

How much of a flaw can derail success, to what extent can positive influence and encouragements dampen an attitudinal problem?  Does early exposure to fame have a role to play in particular forms of behavioral flaws or in character formation?

We celebrate the success of Serena Williams on the court. The court was her platform to become an inhabitant of Olympus but she is still a mortal even though we see her as a goddess.