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Man over Mind

In a previous post I was keenly looking for the location of the mind in my anatomy. After due search and a series of conversations, I have come to the conclusion that its an intangible. That inasmuch as we refer to the mind as if its physical its far from so. It is rather an abstract that has a lot of influence over our physical. So that brings me to my present reflection: The mind as a power house.

The mind as some have described, is the seat of memory, wisdom and emotions among others. It is the engine room of our “intangible being”. The strength of the mind decides the strength of the individual. Weak minded people are never do wells , they are moving from goal to goal, vision to vision. They are undisciplined and so they function as a boat without a rudder.

The mind is not an independent enterprise, you are absolutely and completely in control of your mind. That is if you wish.

Often times we have described people as weak,it is only because they have not built up their minds to be strong enough. It is like a computer, “gabbage in gabbage out”. What you want to become is what you should expose your mind to. Strong minded people have always shown focus and discipline in whatever pursuit they are involved in.

Feeding your mind right is at the base of having a fully functional and effective mind. Be extremely  careful of the influences your allow your mind to be exposed to. It is a sponge that soaks up whatever comes its way, good or bad.

The mind is a very powerful thing so much so that when you give up your control over it ,it controls you. In medicine they talk about psychosomatic disorders. These are disorders that begin from the mind and then manifest in the body. Thats an oversimplification of the process just so you understand the power of your mind.

This is a clarion call to be “transformed by the renewal of your mind” even as the Holy Bible exhorts.

I wish I knew a lot of things that I know now growing up but then learning never stops. So now I am making a commitment to myself to position my mind where it will help me be a better person and not let irrelevancies burden my mind. You should do so for yourself too.

Please where is my mind?

Since I could think for myself I have always heard statements referring to the mind. Times without number I have been told , “free your mind” or “focus your mind on the task at hand”. But nobody has ever bothered to tell me where my mind is.

In my studies of anatomy, mention was not made of the mind rather the hypothalamus which makes up less than 1% of the brain was said to control emotions among other body functions. But then I wonder why it is my chest (heart) I clutch when I get a sudden outburst of emotion and not my head. So with anatomy, I have become a bit skeptical.

Then I turn to medicine for answers and there is none. Better than anatomy, medicine mentions and recognizes the effect of the mind on the body but never gives a location for it. It explains that psychosomatic disorders are diseases of the mind manifesting with bodily symptoms.

In the course of writing this I just remembered a friends admonition many years ago, he said, “don’t lose your mind over a woman”. I wonder how I will accomplish that if I don’t know where my mind is in the first place.

Science has graphically labeled every tissue and organ in my body. Science tells me that aggregation of cells make up tissues, aggregation of tissues make up organs and organs make up systems. But it neglects to mention what makes up my mind. At the last check, neurologists have mapped every part of the brain, yet no location however remote of where the mind is or could be.

So to religion I turn as I look for answers beyond my grasp. It says that man is made up of spirit soul and body coexisting in the vessel called man. It goes on further to say that the mind is the voice of the intellect which is of the soul and that the conscience is the voice of the spirit. Interesting concept, no doubt but at least it is an explanation and now I know my mind can’t be where I have been looking for it.


As science and its offspring of medicine and anatomy have not been able to help me fully in locating my mind, I turn to my priest for more answers. Maybe his answers will mirror the ones I have gotten before, maybe they will go deeper. My purpose now is to locate my mind and keep it safe.