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Flowing with life or not…..

It’s an amazing feeling to move without action, at least not any action you perform. To glide through life without any effort on your part.
Swimmers will describe the peace they experience when they just lie back and go where the current carried them. No hand strokes or breast strokes or butterfly strokes ; just be there and the waters will do the rest.
The downside in all this experience is that you end up going where you did not wish to go.
If you don’t have a dream, your life will be spent helping others achieve theirs.
Why flow with life’s currents when you can make an intentional pursuit of a life goal.
Those who are wise said “sustained success is never an accident”. It is intentional, it is planned for and worked towards. When you have an unplanned ” success” ,it doesn’t last. The proceeds of such a success are finished long before you know you were successful.
So, the easy way or the hard way?  Flow with life’s currents or forge your path through the waters of life.



This is from the movie Lincoln and I have paraphrased the quote which is ever relevant to us today as we begin a new month.

“I have a compass which only shows true north. It points you true north but doesn’t show you the crevices or swamps or rivers you must cross to get to true north. If in pursuit of your destination you plunge heedless and achieve nothing but to sink in a swamp, then whats the need of knowing true north”

Lesson; What is the essence of knowing what is right if we can’t use that knowledge to become more upright in our dealings with each other. The conscience is the compass of our lives and it will always point true North. Of what importance is it to know your destination in life and then pay no attention to your present reality to allow it help you forge a path to that destination. we must be ready for the unknown in pursuing our goals, the end does not always justify the means.our reality must not be divulged from our path to achieving our goals. We must  be ready to tackle the swamps and crevices we must meet on the way to our goals. We must not look true north and forget that we must forge a path to it.
Do have a profitable month

2016 in my crosshairs.

When I laid my hand on the plough,
The howling wind gave way to silence
The sound of chirping birds and barking dogs faded away into the distance
The noise from people talking about me and to me became muffled.

When I laid my hand on the plough
I became “narrow minded” and thought not about things that don’t matter
I had “tunnel vision” so I could see no other
I became one with the plough
And together we made the soil ready.

Only strict and disciplined focus
Can guarantee you success this year.
Don’t afford to be distracted from your goals..

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I had a discussion recently with a friend, a much younger friend. We were talking about who we plan to be and who we eventually become in terms of the career parts we choose or situations choose for us. It got me thinking.

After sampling a few opinions and looking at the life experiences of those around me I came to the startling conclusion that “as children we have clear visions of who we would be, but we go to school and major most times on what our parents want us to be or what society tells us is a good discipline, and then we graduate from college to work in positions that the work environment tells us is available”.

And so I ask, who kills your dreams, you or the society, destiny or circumstance?

My opinion is that your dreams don’t die until you declare them dead. So in as much as circumstances may not be favorable right now to accomplish your dreams it doesn’t stop you from planning on how to achieve your dreams or seeing the future you hope for. In the strata of visions (I use it interchangeably with dreams here), there are primary, secondary and tertiary visions there may even be Quaternary visions depending your perspective.

It is important to note that in this stratification there is no chronology of how you must go to accomplish them. In order of importance though: primary dreams are the most important followed by secondary dreams and so on. Primary visions are the ultimate; they are the things you want to be remembered for, your legacy. It is the one vision you can die to achieve, the one vision that if you don’t achieve you will forever be unfulfilled and miserable irrespective of other accomplishments in other fields of life.

It may take a while to achieve these dreams given that the resources and materials necessary to achieve them are not readily available,hence the ‘delay in achievement’. However it is necessary sometimes to seek achievement of a less important dream as a stepping stone to your primary vision.

Take this scenario for instance: Abigail is a cheerful, respectful and unusually motivated teenage girl that is much loved in her community. Ever since seeing a presentation of Peter Pan in school she knew on her inside that acting is the only career part that can make her fulfilled and happy in life.

But she comes from a single parent home and has five other siblings aspiring like her to be respectable individuals in life. Being the eldest she has to work after school hours to augment the family income, the work period means she doesn’t have time to go for acting rehearsals as much as she should and increasing demands at home means increasing work hours to help their mum meet the needs of everybody.

Now at this point in her life it may be necessary to put her dreams on hold for a while until the pressure of family sustenance is reduced or removed completely at which time she can pursue her dreams to completion.

Within this period of “dream latency” it is important that you make a conscious effort to keep your vision alive within you never being completely subsumed by the daily rigors of trying to accomplish a more pressing task. The idea that your dreams are achievable gives you hope to look forward and pay less attention to the obstacles of today because really they will be the stepping stones of tomorrow .

Without our dreams of life we can make no lasting impression in this life, we will only glide by and the world will never notice that we were here.

On a personal level, your dreams give purpose to your life, it gives you a possible endpoint and it is for you to work out the road map that will get you there.

You may be in a cynical position now where you look back on your dreams and declare them childhood fantasies or unrealistic visions of life, well; everything is impossible to the one who thinks they are.

Andrea Bocelli could have abandoned his dreams when he lost his eye sight at age 12, but he didn’t and today he is among the best classical musicians of our time.  “Sacred arias” his solo album sold five million copies to become the highest selling classical crossover album by a solo artist of all time.. His persistence paid off so can yours.

If Susan Boyle decided to stop singing she wouldn’t have come to international attention following her appearance at the 2009 edition of Britain’s got talent at the ripe age of 48, today because she did not give up ,she has an enviable music career that have seen her perform for the queen of England at the Windsor castle. Her debut album “I dreamed a dream” became UK’s best selling debut album of all time.

Tyler Perry, the now great African-American actor and director and play right, who authored the popular “Madea” series of movies, had his plays turned down by so many agencies that a less motivated man could have quit. He even used all his money to finance the first stage production of his play and even that had very poor reviews. But he kept his dream alive and was persistent.  In 2011 he was named the highest paid man in the entertainment industry by Forbes. Today he owns the only African American movie studio in Hollywood. And the comical Madea character that he portrays is now going to get a cartoon version expanding the franchise further.

In the song “Climb ev’ry mountain” performed by Richard Rodgers in the movie “Sound of Music”, the American lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II ,wrote:

“Climb ev’ry mountain, ford ev’ry stream,
Follow ev’ry rainbow, till you find your dream.”

Don’t give up on your dream or yourself, it’s the easiest thing to do. Follow the hard way and let the world celebrate you and your dreams.