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Is God a feminist?

If you believe in God, then you will understand
He made them “man and woman”.

Both equal and none better
The same hand created, the same  breath of life for both.

Man to provide and protect
Woman to help and direct.

To help not to be enslaved
To direct not to be made inconsequential.

To provide not to ” rule”
To protect not to dominate.

With destinies intertwined
One’s success is tied to the other’s sacrifice.

But selfishness made one think he is better
Society made the other become a footstool.

But in the creator’s mind they are both the same
Made by purpose destined for greatness.

Who are you O man?
A child of your creator or a product of your greed for power?

Where are you O woman?
Oppressed into obsolescence or lost in the shadows striving to be who you are made to be?



A Bargain in error

Objection.. My Lord, objection, I must object to this line of questioning my lord. There is nothing in evidence to corroborate this fact that prosecution counsel is referring to, it is based on nothing but hearsay my lord, only hearsay.

All eyes in the courtroom were on the defense counsel who seemed to be growing smaller by the day and today more than other days he looked weary and harried with eyes darting to and fro, some will say he was frightened but of what nobody could tell. This objection has become one too many, having objected to every question to the witness from the prosecution counsel.

The defense counsel meanwhile was praying more than he had ever done in his two decades of practicing law, that God should save him from this mess and he will never offend him again. He remembered how it all started. How on that fateful day, best described as a slow business day and with financial obligations pilling up he had wished for a miracle.

The accused had walked into his office that day and sought legal defense in a criminal case. He had been accused of embezzling money running into millions of dollars, accepting kickbacks from government officials and inflation of contracts. The accused had asked him a simple question, “can you get me an acquittal in this case” and he had readily answered with an air of arrogance “of course it’s a matter of knowing which legal trick to use”.

Skeptical though he was, the man had entered into a service contract with him that will see him getting 10% of all the looted money as legal fees if he got the client acquitted. Now he was thinking he should have been more economical in giving hope without reviewing the case against him.

He knew he was in trouble when he got the charge sheet of his client and the evidence they had against him. As the case had progressed he had been fighting for breath at every court sitting never having a moment of respite. It was a slaughter that the prosecution prepared for and nothing will stop them from getting it.

When his client had noticed his clutching at straws at every court appearance, being less than stellar in his renditions he had sent him a note to incentivize him, the note read, “ if I get convicted you will never see your 2year old daughter again”. The note had a picture of the little girl attached to it. That was when he knew he was beyond saving.

He was jolted back to the reality of the courtroom by the booming voice of the trial judge, “counsel” he said, “if you interrupt this proceedings again with another of your irrelevant objections, I will hold you in contempt and send you to jail. So think carefully before you make your next objection”.

Dejectedly he took his seat, mourning the inevitable loss of his daughter, a loss he brought about because of his greed. As a last ditch effort to save his daughter he concluded that he will hand himself over to them to do with him whatever they will if he lost, but to spare his daughter. But even that decision was not as comforting as he thought it would be, he had made the proverbial deal with the devil and he knows for a fact that the devil will come to collect.