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Is God a feminist?

If you believe in God, then you will understand
He made them “man and woman”.

Both equal and none better
The same hand created, the same  breath of life for both.

Man to provide and protect
Woman to help and direct.

To help not to be enslaved
To direct not to be made inconsequential.

To provide not to ” rule”
To protect not to dominate.

With destinies intertwined
One’s success is tied to the other’s sacrifice.

But selfishness made one think he is better
Society made the other become a footstool.

But in the creator’s mind they are both the same
Made by purpose destined for greatness.

Who are you O man?
A child of your creator or a product of your greed for power?

Where are you O woman?
Oppressed into obsolescence or lost in the shadows striving to be who you are made to be?



Woman thou art loosed.

Woman thou art loosed !!!

Loosed from servitude and emotional bondage.
Loosed from inferiority complex and subservience to man.
Loosed from thinking being career conscious is an aberration.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from thinking your destiny is to satisfy man sexually.
Loosed from emotional and physical abuse.
Loosed from thinking you were created lesser than a man.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from thinking “there is no other way”.
Looses from debasing yourself in the name of culture.
Loosed from seeing marriage as the “only end”.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from accepting dehumanization in the name of marriage.
Loosed from keeping quiet in the face of sexual harassment.
Loosed from thinking your body is the key to success.

Woman thou art loosed
Loosed from the lewd eyes of rapists and pedophiles.
Loosed from accepting blame for man’s sexual irresponsibility.
Loosed from thinking that love is not complete without abuse.

Woman thou art loosed
Loosed from telling your daughters “they can’t make it without men”.
Loosed from sweeping your daughter’s sexual abuse under the carpet, for the sake of “peace”.
Loosed from walking the streets naked ,because you think thats what attracts men.

Woman thou art loosed from all things that burden your mind and delay your moving to the heights God made you for.
Be loosed, be free and be transformed from inside out!!!!!

A Journey without a compass

To conclude my week of random ,spontaneous and personally reflective posts.  I was greatly inspired by this from an anonymous father to his 21 year old daughter finding her way in life.

There Is No Map To The Journey Of Life.

There is no book to the journey of life, and the road you are destined be mother or wife, will seem at times to have bedrock of fear but never forget sweat pea, I am always near.

Watch for the souls who like trees root in soil, for fear that their heart is the thing they will spoil. Don’t let them lead you to alleys of dark, where you’ll be forced to protect your light and your heart.

Some live as victors and challenge the past, some never get there and live as a cast. I know of life that the road is not clear, but you have your dad Claire, I am always here.

There is no map to the journey of life, so live to be whole, not just girlfriend or wife. Souls like ours need pasture and plane, and your soul, my love, will be restless, again and again.

As you journey ahead your spirit will speak, it is for home you are heading, it is home that you seek. Where that is only you can find, let your heart lead the way and just follow behind.

While I am out here ahead in some way, I hope the signs I write, you’ll find on your way. Read them and do what you will, at the end of the day it’s your heart to fulfill.

If there was a book to the journey of life, yours would be bound with the pain of my strife. It would heal and protect and ease your pain, and help you find your feet again.

The words would be written with the depth of my love and never forget I am with you, be it on earth or above.

Dad xx