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Failure as a stage of success

We live in a world that glorifies success and rightly so. We celebrate the successful and despise the failures, success stories become “motivational” speeches on how to “make it” in life. The successful become celebrities and famous, be it in politics or film ,in industry or science we make celebrities out of those who have achieved.

Now there is nothing wrong in that, except that in celebrating a point in a journey we forget and unconsciously neglect the whole journey. So those who fail amount to nothing, are not reckoned with are despised and  not allowed to talk.

We have naively chosen to forget that success is neither spontaneous nor instantaneous. There is no “big break”, no ” epiphany”, rather success is a  process at the beginning of which you will almost certainly find failure.

The enigma of the Living, is that he who lives has to fail in other to succeed. By trying and failing, you have become a little bit more successful than you were before you failed.


For every attempt you make to succeed, you break down barriers and obstacles first in your own mind before you go ahead to make an outward effort to be successful. That’s a measure of success; believing that you are more than what you see and striving for greater things.

The problem with failing is not in its nature but in its interpretation. The individual who fails loses self esteem , becomes discouraged, gives up at times , becomes frustrated at other times. But it is in those who see failure as a learning experience and a spring board to try again that you glimpse the power of failure to push , to encourage to motivate to strive more to work harder. It is all because they understand failure not to be the end but a point in the journey just like success ddoes

Some people fail to succeed so they may end up valuing the success more, others succeed without failing they may despise failure and think success is a right, while still some may succeed just to fail ,when they find success again they are wiser and better understand that life is full of points but each stop doesn’t define the journey only the end does.

It is said that the coward dies a thousand times before his death, but I say  the one who fails succedes a thousand times before his triumph.


To catch a falling star

Chill, I talk not of the heavenly body
Indeed not of celebrities.

It is of average men and women
Who daily lose hope and give up their dreams.

“Stars” that felt they no longer shine
Or they have no reason to give light.

We are all stars, in this world
And it’s because of us that the world is bright.

Our skills and talents,
Our compassion and empathy.

Our love and dedication,
Our ability to be visionaries and pace setters.

But sometimes we forget the reason that we shine.
We forget that we give light to others.

In those moments, it is “I” over us
And so we need an energy boost.

We need to be reminded, that our lives matter.
That we no longer exist for ourselves alone.

That our being able to shine brightly
Is a source of hope for another dimming star.

We encounter failure and question the need to go on.
We are met with obstacles and we wonder if it’s worth the stress.

But then you have to pass thru the thorny branches to reach the Rose.
You have to dig thru the mud to find the gold.

The heavenly stars are so far away, millions of light years away.
Yet they give light to us wayfarers down here.

In this our interconnected world,
Distance has been blurred and so our light reaches the ends of the earth.

We inspire beyond our immediate space and time zone
We are encouraged by lives beyond our physical reach.

So why not encourage and motivate somebody by your story.
You just might catch a falling star.



How not to be.

imageMiserly, O miserly he is.
Ever so stingy with compliments.
A “well done” is strange to him,
“Keep up the good work” alien to his way of life.
He starves his friends of appreciation
And defrauds his acquaintances of goodwill.

Who needs it ? Who needs it?
When encouragement has become his object of trade,
And motivation ,his treasure not to be shared.
Associates have learnt to live without expecting it.
Like the red headed lizard, who fell from the tree and having survived congratulated itself
So they beat their chests at the feats they accomplish by share will.

Withhold to whose loss? Give to whose gain?
A serious face does not make a General ,
And being stingy with compliments does not make a great leader.
Their need for his approval and compliment has atrophied from disuse.
They have found in themselves what they sought in another.
Today they find encouragement from within and do their best knowing their hearts will be at peace.

Be a self starter as often as you can.

Money Palaver

I told her “I was broke”.

She asked “who is “fixed”?

I said I had fiscal problems.

She said who doesn’t?

I said “I had plans but no money”

She said ,”its better than money without plans”

I asked, “but how will I take care of you?”

She said,”I’m not costly but I trust you will find a way”.

She said , “I value vision more than money”.

I said ,”visions are fantasies if you cant fund them”.

She said, “most visionaries started with nothing”.

I said ,”nothing in an economy that encourages is something”.

She said , “I want us to build and grow together”.

I said, “I will do the manual labour and you do the thinking”.

She said ,” no, we will both do the thinking and manual labour together”.

I laughed and said, “that will break societal stereotypes”.

She said “not to worry, we are two of a kind and we will make it work”.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Don’t wait for anybody to motivate you, motivate yourself.

Don’t wait for friends or strangers to encourage you, encourage yourself.

Don’t look for accolades from others, the one your conscience gives is most important.

Don’t wait for love to find you, look for love. 🙂

Don’t wait for good fortune to locate you, search for it.

Don’t look for who will give you a hand, grow your own hand.

Don’t be engrossed in other’s dreams, dream your own.

Don’t wait for wisdom to fall from the skies, learn from your experiences.

Don’t wait for situations to favor you, make them so.

Don’t let people always do for you, do for yourself.

If you don’t do it yourself for yourself, don’t expect anybody to do it for you.