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Living in the end

An end is a necessity to a beginning

The end is an absolute for every life
For the unwise the knowledge creates fright.

For the sage, it mandates circumspection.

If I know tomorrow will be “the end”…..

Will I do anything different?

Will I sit and think of things I could have done better?

Or would I go on like, I have always been ready?

The end here is a beginning somewhere.

So it’s the preparation for a journey.

It’s an act of standing at the edge and looking back….

You mourn your mistakes and celebrate your right deeds.

You appreciate love, lost and gained.

The end is not surprised, but we always act as if it is.

If we learn not from the constancy of an end, then we gain not from knowing there is an end.

The end, known from the beginning….

Should make us leave better.

Our lives today should constantly outshine yesterday’s.

In the end we all come to an end.

It shouldn’t scare you but should make you stronger.

Blood Rain

One more drop,

And the continents will be more saturated than they were yesterday.

One more drop,

That creates ripples that are ever expanding and affecting each of us individually.

One more drop,

From children not born and mothers without children.

One more drop,

Because of soldiers whose job it is to kill and guns that must shoot something.

One more drop,

Because of power hungry politicians and religious fanatics that proclaim war.

One more drop,

Because of angry teenagers looking for acceptance and policemen overzealous in their jobs.

One more drop,

From bombs exploding by the roadside and missiles hunting civillian planes.

One more drop ,

From migrants swallowed by the sea and selfish national policies that don’t protect the weak.

One more drop,

From lost daughters in Nigeria and citizens beheaded by terrorists.

One more drop,

From hostages used to proclaim the macabre and from nations that won’t take it lying down.

One more drop, 

Just another drop in the blood rain that has enveloped our world.

Choose peace over war and dialogue over quarrel