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My continuing evolution

Yesterday, I was a child
Today I am a boy
Tomorrow I will be a man

Yesterday I was a teen
Today I am an adult
Tomorrow I will be an elder

Yesterday I was a son
Today I am a Father
Tomorrow I will be a grand pa



Today’s newness and what it offers

I wonder how far or fast you can go today if you carry yesterday’s burdens and woes into today. Today has enough problems of its own waiting patiently for solutions. So why tie yourself down and then complain that you are not moving fast enough.
Let the worries and frustrations of each day end with it and begin each day on a brand new slate.
Today is a new day, the first of April , 2016; there’s only one of today in existence why not make it count?
Joy is a choice, to be happy also is a choice ,to be swallowed up in sadness is within you sphere of decision making, to feel lost and frustrated always is also a choice. I am not saying don’t feel sad or depressed or frustrated at times , of course those will come. I am saying don’t let the failures of yesterday deny you of today’s joy, don’t let the fears of last month deny of this month’s adventure , don’t get stuck in a cycle of pain and worry and so forget to live, or to fight for the things that matter.


Start today and this month with a mindset to “put away the ranger and be the king you were born to be.”
Live a conscious life today and this month not on cruise control and see yourself blossom and become more than you thought you can be.


Yesterday Seen from today

She was hated for love

She was challenged for being correct

She was hounded for baring her thoughts

He was celebrated for his failures

He was scorned for his successes

He became the ” face” of the loving father though he was not

He was made employee of the month even though he cut corners

They lied and the world applauded

What was  true is not anymore

What was value has lost its “valueness”

Where we were is no longer where we are

We  are lost but we rejoice thinking we have arrived at our destination

Quo Vadis…….