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Life’s flash cards #1

As my life continues to unfold before me, these are lessons I have learnt and keep learning. The knowledge journey for me does not end and so should yours.

Peace is not the absence of war or strife. It is the stillness of the heart in tumultuous times.

Courage is not the absence of fear it is the overriding desire not to conform to the expectations of your weaknesses.

Strength is not the size of your muscle mass. Its your ability to show your real self without masking your deficiencies.

Wisdom is no longer the result of gray hair. But the result of learning from experiences and making “flash cards” of the lessons so others can learn too.

Obedience is neither servitude nor acting without questioning. It is rather acting based on a conviction that you are free and so have a right to explanations when you are conflicted.

Parenting is not having children. Its being responsible enough to have children and raise them accordingly, to be your lasting legacy for good.

Abortion is not planned parenting. It is murder.

Marriage is not a ceremony. Its a “work in progress”  that lasts a lifetime.

An adolescent is not a rebel. Rather he/she is a person constantly shouting ” I want to find me, please help”.

Success is not an event. It is everyday that you find out you have moved beyond where you were the day before.

Failure is inevitable. Except you want to return to your maker like an unwrapped gift box, you must fail so you can succeed.

The feminine gender does not mean weakness. It means a partaker in creation and a reservoir of strength beyond compare.

Tears do not come from the eyes. They come from the heart when they are genuine.

Life is short. But our ideas and actions are immortal.

Whether because of the “big bang” or creation, we are here to change this world for the better. So why not start with you.

Growing old

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”


When I was a child I wanted to grow old like every child did. At that time the target was to be a teenager because they seemed to know all things. And then when the teenage years came the target shifted again. I now wanted to be old, not wrinkly old but just grey hair old; to enjoy my grandkids jumping on me and having a field day at my expense.

Now I am in my mid thirties and am wondering if I want to grow very old. I am seeing very old people with their creaking knees and bent backs, and am wondering if the joy is worth the journey?

So I took myself to task to find out why people should enjoy getting old and the results were awesome. I will list a few of them here in no specific order and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • We start ageing from conception so we really have no say over it
  • Ageing is not a disease, it’s a natural process
  • Wisdom comes from ageing, because from your experiences you have learnt quite a few things.
  • With ageing you learn that there’s no haste in life. Where the sprinter gets to, the consistent trekker will also get there.
  • With advancing age you understand that your parents were looking out for you when they made the “home rules”, that they were not out to ruin your life.
  • With ageing you learn to choose your battles right and not fight every battle that crosses your part.
  • With ageing you know yourself better and so can see the stupidity of your younger self.
  • With ageing you learn to listen more and talk less because your words are now weightier than when you were younger.
  • As you become older your life priorities change, buying the latest iphone is no longer important using that money to prepare for your tomorrow trumps the phone.
  • As you old you get more confidence than your younger self.
  • As you old you learn to enjoy every minute of life because you don’t know when the home call will be.
  • Growing old is not an end , it is a beginning

There’s so much to make you look forward to getting old, either grey hair old or wrinkly old, creaking bones or bent backs. It is such an awesome expectation that you can’t afford not to prepare for it. Now I look forward to growing old much more than before. I have understood that it’s not the vessel, it’s the content that matters and old age should make us better. Like old wine tastes better than the new, so our lives should be. So how do you feel about getting old?