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I listened and heard,
But I didn’t understand.
I looked and saw,
But I didn’t perceive.
Slavery reinvented and redefined
Children traded for their innocence.
Adults sold for their strength.
Who buys , who sells ?
The ones who look for soft skin and the eyes full of fear.
The ones who look for cheap labour and profit above welfare.
Its in plain sight but we see it not
Its before our very eyes yet we comprehend it not.
It has built companies and sustained economies.
Child Sex slaves in Asia and Latin America.
Adult labour slaves in the middle east and eastern Europe.
Africa and its child brides
North America and its drug slaves.
We talk now or we talk no more
We shout now or we drown in cries later.
What is wrong is wrong.
Man should make no slaves of his own specie.
Thats my creed and that should be yours .

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