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Questioning my Sanity

I saw it, I know I did

But they said I didn’t.

I felt it, not as light touch but a firm hand on my shoulder,

But they said it was the wind.

I am sure it wasn’t wind that held my shoulder.

It wasn’t a dream replaying in my head.

If I dreamt I must have slept,

But sleeping I did not do.

If it was imagination,

I must have lost some time engaged in it.

But I can account for all my time.

Yet they want to convince me I did dream or imagine

Now I must prove myself sane

I must prove my reality.

It’s hard when nobody believes you

It’s even harder when you realize they are pretending to be helpful

Harder as it becomes,

More motivated I must be.

For if I fail to prove my reality,

I will forever be looked at like a loon.