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Before I met you….

Before I met you,

Life was dull and gloom,

Activities were dry and boring,

I existed but didn’t live.

That was before I met you.

Before I met you,

I was like drift wood,

I was like a boat without paddles,

I was going where the wind wanted.

Until I met you.

Before I met you,

I had a vacum I knew not how to fill,

I blissfully held out hope for tomorrow,

I desperately worked hard to forget yesterday

Until I met you.

Since I met you,

Life hasn’t been all laughs and giggles.

We have had our fair share of tantrums and punches

But you gave my life a new meaning.

Ever since I met you.

Since I met you,

I realized, the past will always be there.

That all I need , is to make my today greater,

And then my past will fade into oblivion.

Thats why I met you.

I have no regrets, I have no shame.

We found each other, When the world lost us.

And in finding each other, We have to lose ourselves,

So that together we will be one better being.

After we meet each other.