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Future memories


By design memories are born of the past. You have to live through the reality for you to have its memory. A contradiction will be to create a reality from a “memory” that never was, but will be.
So I have a “memory” of how I will play with my kids, even though I am not yet married. I want to create a reality based on what I am happy with in my mind. Motivational speakers teach us to do no less when they say, “envision it first, then set about achieving it”.
With this as the background, I want to reflect on my ” future memories”:
I saw myself become all I am meant to be and impact lives far beyond my physical space.
I remember being a mentee of greatness and later a mentor to greatness
I feel awesome when my kids look at me and know without a doubt, that I love them exceedingly.
I have always been there for my family in and out of the storm.
I cherish and protect my family with all that I am and have.
I have made myself available to be a listening ear to tales that unburden others’ souls, but I can repeat to no man.
I have tried to be logical in my counsels, working hard to be above sentiments .
To be able to hear a man’s soul and not his words alone is my greatest gift.
I have laboured all my life to be one thing to all men and women; a man struggling to live right.


What are your future memories?