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I saw happiness in a woman who delivered her first child at 42. She had 15years of marriage and tons of abuse and insults behind her.

I heard Joy in the voice of a teenage boy. He has just won a full scholarship from the state. He was an orphan.

I touched sadness in the shoulder of a father who just buried his daughter. He asked “how can you console a man who lost his daughter”.

I saw fear in the eyes of a young woman. Her mother died of breast cancer and now she has been told she has it too.

I felt shame in the presence of a middle aged man. He has just been told his cancer was too aggressive for treatment to make any meaning. We just have to watch him die.

I understood love as explained by a 5 year old. She said it is when Bill her classmate wears the same shirt everyday, because she said she liked it.

A cloud of darkness passed over me today. I remembered the lives lost this year due to the “migrant crisis” . I wondered how much human life was worth.

I saw tomorrow today. I met a young girl who is determined to conquer the world. She had just been admitted into college to study a course thought to be the exclusive preserve of men.

The daily interactions of our lives with others must leave an imprint in our souls. It could drive us to be better or to be worse. To have hope or to despair. To plan for success or failure. To envisage the future joyfully or to dread it with hopelessness.

The choice is yours.