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The God of the hummingbird

Have you ever seen a hummingbird? They come with bright plumage, long beaks with extensible tongues and wings flapping hundreds of times per minute. The wings flap so rapidly that they give off a humming sound. They can hover in midflight and can fly backwards. They are probably the smallest birds in nature but by all means they are the most acrobatic. They are indeed a wonder to behold. Resident only in the Americas there are more than 300 species of hummingbirds known.

Seeing a hummingbird in flight I wondered, “how it became so exceptional and yet so small”, most species are less than 8cm. It didn’t take me long to conclude that it was not by chance as Darwin will have me believe. The complexities of its flight process are overwhelming. By myself I concluded that this must be the best evidence of precision bioengineering I have ever seen. How can chance be this precise when man in his brilliance has not achieved such on that scale.

The saber tooth tiger or the T. Rex with all their mismatched parts may be works of chance, the crocodile or the rhinoceros may be borne out of chance but not the hummingbird. This bird is too exceptional to be the product of the trial and error of evolution or the winner takes it all of survival of the fittest. So I sort my own explanation to the nature of this wonderful bird.

In my search I came across a book said to be thousands of years old, compiled over centuries and was argued to hold the secret of life. In the book I read that all living things were created by a God. And then I thought “I could relate with this, a higher intelligence creating things”. And then the book said this God also created them male and female that is with reference to human beings. Things were getting really interesting now; it went on to say that God created the great sea monster leviathan.

In one part it said, “the foolish say there is no God” and in another part it said that “God is found in nature” it said that in a part called the psalms that “he made the heavens with the words of his mouth”. Now it was sounding like folktale but I couldn’t drop it yet.

Reflecting on what I learnt from the book, I found out it made more sense to me than chance or evolution, it seemed logical to me that something or someone who’s knowledge is infinitely more than mine is at work in the life of the hummingbird.

I made a decision there and then to learn more about the God that made the hummingbird, I concluded within me that, if he could make such miniature wonder, what could he not do. Since I found the God of the hummingbird he has not disappointed me yet. He has laid bare for me the facts of life more than science has been able to explain.

I am learning to work with his time and not mine: his existence outside of time doesn’t make it any easier for me. But I have learnt that with the God of the hummingbird only one form of time exists and that is his time.