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This is …….

To share in pain and in joy
To tell the truth no matter what
To see the eyes and not need the words
To shield from aches, as much as you can
This is love….
To love forever and hold for an eternity
To walk together on hot coals and hold hands at the beach
To absorb the bad and not seek revenge
To see always the beautiful even when all is ugly
This is marriage….
To give because you have, not because there is surplus
To remember the “have nots” and not spend recklessly
To build lives not just with money, but also with words
To secure somebody’s tomorrow not for reward.
This is generosity…..
To observe the setting sun and not be despondent
To count your coins and be short and yet not worry
To look again at your dreams and still be hopeful
To desire freedom and yet not move to loosen your bonds
This is expectation……
To examine your day and learn from your mistakes
To be happy even when it takes a while to find a reason to be
To influence positively every soul you meet
To allow daily interactions help shape your life
This is living….
To dream and wake up to plan
To see tomorrow in today
To labor today so you reap tomorrow
To do your best to escape mediocrity
This is vision…
To be afraid and yet move forward
To be cautious and not be paralyzed
To rise from the pit even when there is no helping hand
To strive to be better regardless of the accolades
This is courage…