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Fear, my companion

Fear strikes and I am frozen

Mesmerized and immobilized.

But I am beholden to faith not to fear

So I try to feign courage even though my heart pounds

Sweat droplets form on my brow and a shiver runs thru my body

But I stand “unafraid”

I imagine all sorts, even as I try to subdue my fearful  mind

Fear the conqueror of champions

The nuisance that threatens my well laid plans 

I can’t fight my fears cos they loom so large

I don’t want to fight them cos’ they will drain my strength

So I acknowledge them and greet them well

And face the task of building my dream

Yes I am afraid

But my fear is a part of me

And can no more slow me down than I allow it to

So come along my fearful self

We will yet achieve a lot together.