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The Empty Chair #2

Today Father we continue our dialogue from where we left of the last time. I want to bring another issue to your attention Father. It is how easy it is for cheats to succeed and very difficult for the one who works hard to taste victory.

I have seen good people frustrated in their journey towards success. They believed rightly in the power of your favor and worked hard trusting that your grace will make a difference. But they were disappointed. I know school mates who worked hard to pass exams but failed because a lecturer wanted them to. I also know mates who never worked hard and only appeared on exam days. But they passed exams because they had friends among the teachers or spoke to the teachers in a language that they understood.

Father it continues even outside the school environment. People are skipped for promotions because “they don’t belong” or because “they will rock the boat”. And others that are flowing with the times good, bad and ugly get promotions even before their time. In this era of being “politically right” and morally wrong those who stand for truth are ever decreasing in numbers.  And they are constantly being heckled so they will give in to falsehood.

I know Father that you taught me patience and the Holy book says not to focus on the seeming successes of the evil man but it can be annoying sometimes. To go through sleepless nights and fail only for another to be nonchalant, party all year round and succeed. I know I should not compare myself to others because our destinies are different but couldn’t you end these frustrations or give hope to these disappointed ones? I know you have the power to do both.

People have made commitments not to bribe anybody either with sex, money or any other thing to get jobs and they have not found it, not even on merit. But the ones who gave bribes or favors for jobs are getting jobs. Don’t you think it makes those who believe in you look stupid?

I know I am not supposed to conform to the world but the pressures to do so are increasing exponentially. How do I convince others about you when my hard work is not producing commensurate results? Or how do I tell people to turn from the wide road that leads to destruction when I have “nothing” to show for being on the narrow road.

Father I just wonder , if you can give a bit more success to those who work hard, a bit more promotion in life to those who deserve it, just a little bit more favor for those who wait on you day and night. I just wonder .