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Woman thou art loosed.

Woman thou art loosed !!!

Loosed from servitude and emotional bondage.
Loosed from inferiority complex and subservience to man.
Loosed from thinking being career conscious is an aberration.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from thinking your destiny is to satisfy man sexually.
Loosed from emotional and physical abuse.
Loosed from thinking you were created lesser than a man.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from thinking “there is no other way”.
Looses from debasing yourself in the name of culture.
Loosed from seeing marriage as the “only end”.

Woman thou art loosed.
Loosed from accepting dehumanization in the name of marriage.
Loosed from keeping quiet in the face of sexual harassment.
Loosed from thinking your body is the key to success.

Woman thou art loosed
Loosed from the lewd eyes of rapists and pedophiles.
Loosed from accepting blame for man’s sexual irresponsibility.
Loosed from thinking that love is not complete without abuse.

Woman thou art loosed
Loosed from telling your daughters “they can’t make it without men”.
Loosed from sweeping your daughter’s sexual abuse under the carpet, for the sake of “peace”.
Loosed from walking the streets naked ,because you think thats what attracts men.

Woman thou art loosed from all things that burden your mind and delay your moving to the heights God made you for.
Be loosed, be free and be transformed from inside out!!!!!

Box Day Blues

A box for my worries , a box for my fears
A box for my frustrations, a box for my disappointments
A box for my sadness, a box for my discouragement.

A chest for my hopes, a chest for my dreams
A chest for my visions, a chest for my plans
A chest for my desires, a chest for my goals.

A trunk for my valuables, a trunk for my treasures
A trunk for my wife, a trunk for my children
A trunk for my tomorrow, a trunk for my family.

To box and give away births peace in my soul.
To put in chest and preserve, preparing me for when the storms arise.
To put in a trunk and safeguard, keeping safe my life’s loves.

2016 in my crosshairs.

When I laid my hand on the plough,
The howling wind gave way to silence
The sound of chirping birds and barking dogs faded away into the distance
The noise from people talking about me and to me became muffled.

When I laid my hand on the plough
I became “narrow minded” and thought not about things that don’t matter
I had “tunnel vision” so I could see no other
I became one with the plough
And together we made the soil ready.

Only strict and disciplined focus
Can guarantee you success this year.
Don’t afford to be distracted from your goals..

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As the year ends.

My 12 months, my one year.
What have I gained, what have I lost?
Have I become a better person or have I become a worse ?
Have I grown or have I shrunk?
Have I followed virtue over needs or needs over virtue?

My 52 weeks, my 365 days.
It has been long but it has been short too.
At the start line it seemed like a marathon, at the finish line it looked like a sprint.
So much knowledge gained, so much experience acquired.
I count the successes even as I count the failures.

My 8,760 hours, my 1,314,000 minutes.
Have I sort self enlightenment or have I slumbered in mediocrity?
Have I diligently pursued my goals, or was it a part time affair?
Have I sort answers fairly this year, or have I allowed emotions rule?
I need to reflect as the curtains are drawn on this year,
So that like a diviner, I will gaze on my past and make predictions and plans for my new year.
You should too.

“An unexamined life ,is not worth living”


What I have learnt.

Today is my reminiscing day ,so I am reposting something from my archives. I hope it does you right.


As my life continues to unfold before me, these are lessons I have learnt and keep learning. The knowledge journey for me does not end and so should yours.

Peace is not the absence of war or strife. It is the stillness of the heart in tumultuous times.
Courage is not the absence of fear it is the overriding desire not to conform to the expectations of your weaknesses.
Strength is not the size of your muscle mass. Its your ability to show your real self without masking your deficiencies.
Wisdom is no longer the result of gray . But the result of learning from experiences and making “flash cards” of the lessons so others can learn too.
Obedience is neither servitude nor acting without questioning. It is rather acting based on a conviction that you are free and so have a right to explanations when you are conflicted.
Parenting is not having children. Its being responsible enough to have children and raise them accordingly, to be your lasting legacy for good.
Marriage is not a ceremony. Its a “work in progress” that lasts a lifetime.
An adolescent is not a rebel. Rather he/she is a person constantly shouting ” I want to find me, please help”.
Success is not an event. It is everyday that you find out you have moved beyond where you were the day before.
Failure is inevitable. Except you want to return to your maker like an unwrapped gift box, you must fail so you can succeed.
The feminine gender does not mean weakness. It means a partaker in creation and a reservoir of strength beyond compare.
Tears do not come from the eyes. They come from the heart when they are genuine.
Life is short. But our ideas and actions are immortal.
Whether because of the “big bang” or creation, we are here to change this world for the better. So why not start with you.

Random thoughts on success

Success is never accidental,
Consciously or otherwise there must be a plan.
If you don’t plan to succede then you plan to fail.
The hunger for success must be more than the allure of mediocrity.
You tried before and you failed, so what?
You can see it as failure or as a new way not to do things.
In essence you need to be a “half full glass” person not a “half empty glass” person.
You must motivate yourself
Nobody will or can do it better than you.
You must desire to move beyond the present state.
Once you get too comfortable you sleep off in stagnation.
Success is a point along a line
Reach it and move on don’t stay there or you will miss other “points”.

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Daily prescription; A psychiatrists view

For a sparkling personality and an ever beautiful day;
A teaspoon of pride,
A tablespoon of ego,
A pinch of narcissism,
A sprinkling of grandiose delusion.
Totally avoid servings of guilt and regret.
Don’t approach anhedonia and nihilism.
Stay away from the bottle labelled sadness and low mood.
Rather have about 5mls of mania and 2mls of eccentricity.
Avoid paranoia and antisocial prescriptions .
Have a healthy dose of optimism and motivation.
Don’t forget encouragement, a bottle a day will do.
You can also add a gallon of hope taken over the course of the day.
Carry tablets of healthy interaction and use as required.
And above all soak in a bathtub of love before leeaving the house and share that love with others.

***You are allowed an unlimited number of refills for this prescription.
Please consult your doctor before adjusting this prescription.