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You are hope, substance to my thoughts,

Logic to my existence

You are hope; my urge to dream

And my push to achieve.


You are hope my call to tomorrow

My reason to forget yesterday

You are hope my ability to see far

And my courage to endure.


You are hope reality to my illusion

Proof to my imaginations.

You are hope slayer of my doubts

And deliverer of my strengths.


You are hope my reason for living

And my desire for all men

You are hope; strength of my weakness

And joy of my sorrow.


You are hope my compass in life

My lighthouse when in a storm

You are hope the lifter of my soul

And pride of my life


You are hope my message to convey

My gospel to spread

You are hope.



I saw life today

When I saw fetal heartbeat in a 12 week old pregnancy

I saw the fetus somersault, flex and extend its limbs as if nothing mattered.

In the fetus I saw life.

I saw life today

When I saw an unconscious 5year old revive in the emergency room.

He had been involved in a motor accident with his mother.

In that moment when his eyes fluttered open and he turned his head, I saw life.

I heard life today,

When a pregnant woman gave birth at the hospital entrance:

She had precipitate labour1, before we could reach her the baby’s head was out.

She delivered in no time and in the babies first cry I heard life.

I saw life today

When on an evening stroll I saw a small cocoon wriggling and writhing

It took a while but it gave birth to a butterfly.

It tried to fly but was unsure.

Eventually it did fly and in its glorious first flight, I saw life. pupa-to-butterfly

I felt life today

When I sat at dinner with my family, in the presence of my gene replicas

I wondered if I gave them my best part or my worst.

But then the youngest looked at me with a toothless grin as if he knew my thoughts.

There and then I knew that this moment is also life

and I can’t but cherish it

So I put all my thoughts and worries out to sea,

and settled down to experience life again.

Dedicated to all who work in healthcare, may the love of life guide you to fulfillment in your vocation.

1. precipitate labor is labor lasting less than 4 hours.


One condition to be admitted,

One rule to enter.

If you hope for wellness; then proceed.

Tell the truth and do not lie.

I sit outside and stare,

Gazing at the opening and closing of the door.

Some enter sad and exit happy,

Others enter happy and exit sad.

I wonder why, but find no answer.

Babies, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

People of all race and color.

People of all size and shape.

Then it strikes me;

I am not here by choice,

I was forced by circumstance,

Coerced by a power beyond me.

My choice will be to stay away,

But here I am looking but not seeing.

Staring at the bland door.

A door that stands between me and peace, or turmoil.

I am brought back to now

By a touch and a whisper,

“It is your turn,” the voice says

And my heart takes flight as if pursued by the devil.

How I get there I do not know,

But before the door I stand.

Reaching for the knob it opens,

As if by some power unknown.

Surprised I jerk back my hand,

Unnerved I look up to see the “power”.

And lo before me is an elderly man

With laugher in his eyes.

He beckons smiles and stretches out his hand in greeting.

Dazed, my hand moves of its own will

My mouth mutters words in response.

And then my fears begin to evaporate.

As I look at his face I know peace,

As I cross the threshold I know for a fact

By whatever sense not described by science

That whatever the pronouncement it can’t be turmoil.

Then it strikes me,

This is neither a place of judgment nor a place of despair

It is a place for finding the will to live

The consulting room is the place of hope.

Dedicated to Mrs.K , who may never get to read this  “reach for the hope that lies within you and God will do the rest”


Words have always been of great value to my life and so today I invite you to reflect with me on some of the words that I love and what they remind me of.

Joy: when I think of my increasing sphere of influence

Amazing: when I consider where I am and where I am coming from.

Intriguing: when I consider the facets of my life

Unique: when I see me in relation to the rest 6.9999billion people on earth.

Impressive: when I see in my mind’s eye the future I hope for.

Hopeful: when I look at my today and consider my tomorrow.

Generosity: when I think of an act to keep me grounded and save me from pride.

Memorable: when I think of the day I become who I am meant to be.

Efficient: when I consider how my biological system functions without my help

Confidence: when I seek the nudge to take a bold step.

Leisure: what every family must have more of

Reference: when I think of what my family should be.

Beautiful: when I wake up in the morning to see my wife beside me.

Dependable: when I think of my friend who became my wife.

Mysterious: when I think of the bond between fathers and their sons

Forever: when I calculate how long a mother’s love lasts

Delicious: what I want my wife to say after eating a meal I struggled to prepare.

Ecstatic: when my baby smiles at me for the first time.

Brilliant: when I consider the world and the one who made it.

Goodness: when I think of the job description to overcome evil.

Resilience: when I think of the human spirit.

Divine: when I contemplate Gods love for me

Heaven: when I search for a reason to live right

Miracle: when I see terminal patients live a full span of life

Abundance: when I reflect on Gods store house of blessings

Colorful: when I consider the world and the people that populate it.

Absolute: when I consider Gods capacity for good

Approval: what everybody seeks but nobody talks about

Fun: what I consider when work becomes boring.

Valued: when I think of the readers that has made me a blogger

Skillful: when I consider the blogs I like and those on my blog roll

Eager: when I pause and wait to read the words that other people love.

Thankful: when I calculate the time you spent to read this.

Wow: when I stop and consider the words that you love.