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How not to be.

imageMiserly, O miserly he is.
Ever so stingy with compliments.
A “well done” is strange to him,
“Keep up the good work” alien to his way of life.
He starves his friends of appreciation
And defrauds his acquaintances of goodwill.

Who needs it ? Who needs it?
When encouragement has become his object of trade,
And motivation ,his treasure not to be shared.
Associates have learnt to live without expecting it.
Like the red headed lizard, who fell from the tree and having survived congratulated itself
So they beat their chests at the feats they accomplish by share will.

Withhold to whose loss? Give to whose gain?
A serious face does not make a General ,
And being stingy with compliments does not make a great leader.
Their need for his approval and compliment has atrophied from disuse.
They have found in themselves what they sought in another.
Today they find encouragement from within and do their best knowing their hearts will be at peace.

Be a self starter as often as you can.

Blood Rain

One more drop,

And the continents will be more saturated than they were yesterday.

One more drop,

That creates ripples that are ever expanding and affecting each of us individually.

One more drop,

From children not born and mothers without children.

One more drop,

Because of soldiers whose job it is to kill and guns that must shoot something.

One more drop,

Because of power hungry politicians and religious fanatics that proclaim war.

One more drop,

Because of angry teenagers looking for acceptance and policemen overzealous in their jobs.

One more drop,

From bombs exploding by the roadside and missiles hunting civillian planes.

One more drop ,

From migrants swallowed by the sea and selfish national policies that don’t protect the weak.

One more drop,

From lost daughters in Nigeria and citizens beheaded by terrorists.

One more drop,

From hostages used to proclaim the macabre and from nations that won’t take it lying down.

One more drop, 

Just another drop in the blood rain that has enveloped our world.

Choose peace over war and dialogue over quarrel


To be bound by thoughts, emotions and expectations.

To roll up my wings in fear, and walk where I should fly.

For so long I have waited,

Watching the wind and the rain.

But no more will I wait to unfurl my wings.

I break the fetters so I can take to the heights.

I was made to rule the skies but I had bound myself to the earth.

I fear I may be slow to learn but I know I must learn, so I can soar again.

So long imprisoned I have forgotten the feeling of freedom.

Today I must take to flight.

I must leave my burdens below,

So I can fly unhindered heavenwards.

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Before I met you….

Before I met you,

Life was dull and gloom,

Activities were dry and boring,

I existed but didn’t live.

That was before I met you.

Before I met you,

I was like drift wood,

I was like a boat without paddles,

I was going where the wind wanted.

Until I met you.

Before I met you,

I had a vacum I knew not how to fill,

I blissfully held out hope for tomorrow,

I desperately worked hard to forget yesterday

Until I met you.

Since I met you,

Life hasn’t been all laughs and giggles.

We have had our fair share of tantrums and punches

But you gave my life a new meaning.

Ever since I met you.

Since I met you,

I realized, the past will always be there.

That all I need , is to make my today greater,

And then my past will fade into oblivion.

Thats why I met you.

I have no regrets, I have no shame.

We found each other, When the world lost us.

And in finding each other, We have to lose ourselves,

So that together we will be one better being.

After we meet each other.

To think clearly

To see and perceive rightly

He saw poverty but called it wealth

He saw weakness but called it strength

He saw today but perceived tomorrow

To hear and understand correctly

She heard NO but welcomed it as YES

She heard insult but welcomed it as a challenge to her God

She heard human beings but understood absolute faith in God

To see and perceive wrongly

He saw a broken man and adjudged him a victim of his own sin

He saw a homeless boy and considered him a good for nothing child

He saw victims but he perceived them sinners

To hear and understand incorrectly

She heard “I am done” ,and thought “well lets go our seperate ways”

She heard ,”I came to greet you” and she thought the gossip has come again

She heard words but she understood circumstances .

To trust the senses and miss the mark

She felt unwanted but saw love showered on her

He felt abandoned but generosity located him

They felt overwhelmed but together the burden became light

The world said impossible but he understood opportunity.


What matters?

My religion or that I subscribe to something greater than me?

How many times I pray or that I try to live a good and morally upright life?

Where I worship, or that I see God in all men (women)?

My creed or my positive influence ?

What matters?

My college degree or my skills ?

Who I call friend or the fact that I have friends?

Who I look up to or the kind of life the person lives?

How much I earn or the fact that my family does not lack?

What matters?

That I have a house or that I have a home?

That I have a wife or that I love my wife?

That I have a lot of children or that I provide for all my children?

That I have a family or that I am building a legacy?

What matters?

That I convey my message in writing or that I get my message heard (read)?

That I write long essays or that people read my posts to the end?

That I think in poetry or that I make my life a poem?

That I exist or that I impact my community?

What matters?

That I am black or that I am a human being?

That I am a woman or that I give birth to children?

That I am young or that I have the necessary skills?

That I am grey haired or that I speak wisdom?

What in this world really matters?

My Antithetical World

In my world

The sand is blue and the sky is brown

We look down for guidance and upwards when in sorrow

The sun’s rays hit us from below and the rain falls up

In my world

Men fight for inclusion and women call the shots

Men are vulnerable and women decide their fate

We exercise to get cold and cover up to fight heat

In my world

It is princely to be short and being tall is a disadvantage

Weakness is strength and slow is fast

Being fat is healthy and being thin, not so much

In my world

You reach for the sand not the stars

The sky is within your grasp and the ground is unreachable

Terra firma is fluffy and the sky is hard as steel

In my world

Humans are counted in the hundreds and panda bears in the billions

Failure means success and people aspire to go down instead of up

The foolish are wise and the wise foolish

 In my world

Success is easily forgotten and failure is celebrated

The river flows upstream and ocean is stagnant

To lie is to tell the truth and to steal is to help keep the other person’s goods.