The thing about “too much”


There is a thing about the word “excess”,it always has a beautiful beginning and a very bad ending. This is exemplified in these few instances;
Excess care can turn your ward into a porcelain doll. knowing nothing of daily living he/she  depends on people for everything.
Excess love can stunt your ward’s character growth. Believing he/she does no wrong, you fail to correct even obvious wrongs.
Excess loyalty turns you into a zombie. Having a narrow view of life you fail to see the world view.
Excess talking makes you vulnerable. Because you won’t know when you spill your secrets.
Excess planning keeps your visions stagnated on the drawing board.
Excess comfort makes you lose a consciousness for want and poverty.
Excess work makes you miss out on what life is all about, living.
Excess is excessively excessive, do all in moderation and your life will be excellent.



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