Questioning our idea of love

  1. Why do we champion love only around the 14th of February?

Does it occur to you that love remembered only on one day in a year is very fickle?

Why can’t we celebrate love everyday of the year and then let the 14th of February be a norm and not an exception?

I may stand alone but I think Valentine’s day has become a day of deception for a whole lot of people.

He gives you a treat so you forget the monster he is, if only for a day.

You wake up to notice  rose petals all over your bed and on the floor, leading you to a scented bath. Has he done that in the last 4years you have known him, or he remembers only because it is Valentine’s day.


Plan and work towards a year filled with love rather than a Day filled with love.

Sometimes we get tired of waiting  for love from those that claim to love us because our love glands have shriveled from disuse.

Have a lovely experience of love, the type that is true and deep and genuine. The type that lives forever and stands the test of strength and time.
















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