As the year ends.

My 12 months, my one year.
What have I gained, what have I lost?
Have I become a better person or have I become a worse ?
Have I grown or have I shrunk?
Have I followed virtue over needs or needs over virtue?

My 52 weeks, my 365 days.
It has been long but it has been short too.
At the start line it seemed like a marathon, at the finish line it looked like a sprint.
So much knowledge gained, so much experience acquired.
I count the successes even as I count the failures.

My 8,760 hours, my 1,314,000 minutes.
Have I sort self enlightenment or have I slumbered in mediocrity?
Have I diligently pursued my goals, or was it a part time affair?
Have I sort answers fairly this year, or have I allowed emotions rule?
I need to reflect as the curtains are drawn on this year,
So that like a diviner, I will gaze on my past and make predictions and plans for my new year.
You should too.

“An unexamined life ,is not worth living”



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