Why Appreciate?

For most of us, we learn to appreciate things when we lose them. Others appreciate things because they hope to have them and yet others appreciate them because they know the importance.

So we don’t appreciate the ease with which we access education until we find ourselves in a situation where we understand that it is not a right in certain places.

We begin to appreciate our families, when we see and interact with orphans hoping for a foster family.

We begin to appreciate friendships that saw us thru’ difficult childhood situations, when we listen to children bullied in school and had no one to turn to.

We begin to appreciate health when we volunteer at the hospital and see both young and old fighting to stay healthy.

We begin to appreciate God when we find ourselves in situations that our intelligence cannot save us from.

We begin to appreciate children when we hear the stories of couples waiting 10,15 or 20years to have a child.

We begin to say thank you when we understand that by ourselves we couldn’t have achieved anything ascribed to us.

We begin to appreciate what we have(and still wanting more) , when we see people who have less than we do and and complain less.

Why wait till we lose it, before we appreciate it?

Take a bold step today and appreciate the relationships, friendships, family and all sorts of factors that have played a part in making you who you are today.

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