How not to be.

imageMiserly, O miserly he is.
Ever so stingy with compliments.
A “well done” is strange to him,
“Keep up the good work” alien to his way of life.
He starves his friends of appreciation
And defrauds his acquaintances of goodwill.

Who needs it ? Who needs it?
When encouragement has become his object of trade,
And motivation ,his treasure not to be shared.
Associates have learnt to live without expecting it.
Like the red headed lizard, who fell from the tree and having survived congratulated itself
So they beat their chests at the feats they accomplish by share will.

Withhold to whose loss? Give to whose gain?
A serious face does not make a General ,
And being stingy with compliments does not make a great leader.
Their need for his approval and compliment has atrophied from disuse.
They have found in themselves what they sought in another.
Today they find encouragement from within and do their best knowing their hearts will be at peace.

Be a self starter as often as you can.

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