Learning from Life

After being alive a couple of years life will teach you a few things that nothing else can teach you. These are a few that I have learnt.

Life is not fair, and it knows so stop reminding it.

Hardwork doesn’t always pay off, but it soothes the conscience.

There are so many short cuts to success but none to permanent success.

If you are a patient dog you might go “boneless”.

The strong don’t always win and the weak don’t always lose a fight.

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, reality check; don’t live a regimented life. Its frustrating to those around you who care.

The devil is not ugly and doesn’t have horns. It is the most beautiful thing you will ever see.

Nothing is ever free, you get to pay for it in ways you haven’t imagined yet.

Don’t mock a man on a losing streak. His luck can change and instantly his destiny too.

Gambling is not “addictive”, its our hope that we may beat the system thats addictive.

Be a good listener, you will hear all you need to live better from the lips of others.

Talk less in a gathering, the loquacious fellow is never taken too seriously even when he is.

Everybody lies, just don’t make lying your way of life and don’t defend yourself when caught.

Marry your friend if you can, if you can’t then make your spouse your friend.

Choice is your greatest asset , with it you can break down walls or build barricades.

Don’t expect people to always believe in you, and don’t judge them when they don’t.

Don’t wait for somebody to motivate you, motivate yourself always and you will never run out of gas.

Life is short……enjoy every bit of it……as often as you can.


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