Mister & Missus

He said, she said.

She said , he said.

He said , she was rude and wrong.

She said , in his eyes she is never right.

Who is right , who is wrong?

He sounded the gong and took the matter to the village square.

She kept quiet and silently hoped he will come to his senses.

He complained to all near and far

She stayed mute hoping his current mood will expire.

Who is right ,who is wrong?

A family matter, strangers were invited to decide on.

A husband and wife disagreement that outsiders had to deliberate on.

He could have spoken gently in correction.

She could have listened patiently without provocation.

Who is right ,who is wrong?

In the end emotion became king where it should not be.

Emotion became the judge where reason should.

The heart won over the head .

And sentiments became a criterion for decision making.

Both were right and both were wrong.

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