Money Palaver

I told her “I was broke”.

She asked “who is “fixed”?

I said I had fiscal problems.

She said who doesn’t?

I said “I had plans but no money”

She said ,”its better than money without plans”

I asked, “but how will I take care of you?”

She said,”I’m not costly but I trust you will find a way”.

She said , “I value vision more than money”.

I said ,”visions are fantasies if you cant fund them”.

She said, “most visionaries started with nothing”.

I said ,”nothing in an economy that encourages is something”.

She said , “I want us to build and grow together”.

I said, “I will do the manual labour and you do the thinking”.

She said ,” no, we will both do the thinking and manual labour together”.

I laughed and said, “that will break societal stereotypes”.

She said “not to worry, we are two of a kind and we will make it work”.


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