The Naked Girl

I am a girl and that is my crime

I must be shuttered and cloistered

I must be seen and not heard

Am I less of a human than my brother?

I am neither allowed to dream nor aspire

I am a wife and mother; that is all I am allowed to be

I can’t be right even if everybody is wrong

Am I a lesser creature than my husband?

I am a gem but I am not valued

I have rights that exist only in statute books

I exist but only to satisfy a man

Did God create me a slave or a free born?

From a young age I have always known my body was an asset

From lascivious stares of men on my teenage body

To groping in the dark and rape in broad daylight

What is it with men and uncontrolled libido?

I know I was created as man was ,by God

To be a helpmate and not a subject

Yet I bear the guilt of an oversexed society

Can’t the wandering eyes of men decide not to see?

I only want to live as I was created

To aspire and dream like every child of God

To be seen as an image of God and not a lower being than “man”

Is that too much to ask from a supposed intelligent species?


8 thoughts on “The Naked Girl”

  1. I am not oblivious of the fact that women are treated unfairly in some other countries and that they are not given the same opportunities as what men have, but this is what I don’t see everyday. I am a girl, a lady, and, well, let’s say that my barbie doll has never been stolen from me.

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  2. Francois, it’s a long road to obtain respect for women in Middle Eastern and African culture. Only via liberal democracy can true respect for women ever be achieved. Australia has never seen war on its shores and is one of only a few continuous democracies in the world. I, and the women in my country, are blessed. Even so, women’s suffrage (the right to vote) was obtained only a little over 100 years ago. Fight for what you truly believe in but be aware that liberal democracy is a long way off. Respect, inclusion, education for all, free trade, ‘real’ elections, power in the hands of the many not the few, must all come before true ‘liberalism’ can be achieved, meaning the right for all to do as they please so long as they don’t harm others in the process.
    Welcome to mature democracy – continue the fight! But a word of advice – act local, think global – that way you (and others like you) may achieve. Stay in touch
    NB: I should have posted this comment here initially – hoping the conversation continues…

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