The Reader and the Listener

His words on paper are heaven’s gifts to her

In the pages of his books she travels the world

In his characters she finds love and lives free

His passion is transfered from his pen to her heart.

Time stops when he hears her speak

Her spoken words are magic to him

In her words he finds courage and grace, hope and ambition

Her speech to him is like cold water on a hot sunny day.

She reads and he writes

She can’t imagine a greater expression than writing

To arrange words so they speak to hearts

And pen poems so they lift a soul’s burden; is the ultimate.

Her words infuse strength into his body

The words that leave her lips are invitations for him to live again

To hear her is to ignite his reality

Is there an ear more honoured by her voice than his?

Interactions demand we communicate

In this age we write  much more than we speak

Instant messaging and emails have overtaken voice calls

But the voice of a loved one still tickles the heart more than messages.

So, talk and type

Cos’ none should be exclusive of the other

Listen and also read

For the intent of one may be made clearer by the other.

3 thoughts on “The Reader and the Listener”

  1. Hey there! I would just like to let you know I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. All the details can be found on my last post 🙂

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