The Dreamer

I sit in darkness and dream of light

I cower in fear but dream of standing in courage

I walk in the rain and dream of walking with the sun behind me

I sit to think but dream of standing to achieve.

They say I am a dreamer, I say they miss the point

I carry a burden and I dream of  when its no longer so

I hate mediocrity and so I dream of being excellent

I dream and dream and dream

Today I dream of tomorrow

Tomorrow I dream of today.

I dream of everything so I am prepared for everything

And then they say, “there goes another Joseph”

But I tell them , I am not Joseph nor do I want to be him

I am “me”,  a man who finds fulfilment in dreaming

And I dare say.

“The ability to dream is the greatest of all gifts,

But if you dont wake up from the dream

Then they will remain dreams forever.”


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