A little Reflection

What makes us do the things we do?

What makes us decide to be who we are or are not?

Passion for something, or greed for another?

The feeling that you are disadvantaged or that its your turn to reap the harvest?

I have seen men possessed by wealth but died without wealth

I have seen men possessed by goals but left the stage without the things that mattered

I have seen people who think they are wise die foolishly.

I have seen the  “righteous” forsaken and the “sinner” who found solace.

I have seen the passionate lose sight of what is right.

In the pursuit of visions and dreams it is always easy to see everything contrary as wrong or evil.

It is too easy to see everybody that doesn’t agree as bad.

So what drives you?

And when that drive comes ,are you objective enough?

If  today is your last , what will you do differently?

If you have left this world ,what will your epitaph read?

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