The Abyss

“Out of the deths I cry to you o Lord,

Lord hear my voice….” Psalm 142

In darkness she sat

Darkness solid as stone

She wasn’t blind but there was nothing to see

She stretched her hand and felt emptiness

Yet she couldn’t help feel the walls closing in.

She shouts but no one hears,

She screams but it makes no difference

She tries to feel her way out;

But its like she’s in a “walless” enclave.

Breathing heavily, she nonetheless doesn’t give up.

She tries to be logical in her approach but logic escapes her

It seemed an action dead before it even started.

But how did she get here?

If she couldn’t get out, then may be by interrogating her mind

She will find out how she arrived here; that is absolutely nowhere.

But alas her mind fails her!

She remembers nothing not one speck of information.

Who am I and where am I?

If she can answer that,

Then she will know some measure of peace.

And the she sings … “out of the depths I cry to you O Lord,

Lord hear my voice.

O listen attentively, to the voice of my supplication…….”


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