After the Celebration…

There is so much to celebrate in life; from birthdays to weddings to house warming , job promotion ,baby shower , bridal shower and a whole lot more than u can think of at the moment.

We plan and prepare, we wait with baited breath and watch as the performance begins. The choreography of celebration, from deciding what to wear (which might take weeks ) to the welcoming of the guests to the food and drinks or is it the music and dancing. Its always awesome to watch or be a part of.

The celebrant basks in the attention of the moment willing it to last forever. But alas it ends sooner than he or she would have expected.

The day after, the euphoria has disappeared, the energy of the day before is replaced by sore muscles, throat hoarse from shouting , head banging from a riot of alcoholic beverages ingested.

But you must begin the day cos it will not wait for you. So hard as it is you get up from your post rave slumber and begin the day.

The day after a celebration is usually the best time to sit down and reflect on where you are coming from and where you are going. It is always the time to decide what your tomorrow will be like.

Ok, so the celebration of this success is over, how do I move to the next phase. We shouldn’t be too caught up in celebrating success to forget that it is an event. When we so get caught in the success of today we stagnate there and eventually become irrelevant when another person tops the success we were celebrating.

So plan to win and when you win don’t sleep on one laurel when there is so much more to be achieved. Happy celebration to the ever successful you.


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